Leo This Week Horoscope 24 to 30 December 2018

Leo This Week Horoscope 24 to 30 December 2018

You will find great gaming partners. If you are already curious and communicative, you will handle the words with more dexterity. You will be able to expose, in writing or orally, the facts in the most objective way possible while having at heart to present the points of view of each one. Under this transit, expect also to live with your flirt beautiful romantic conversations.

Mercury intensifies the importance of exchanges and communications. Your will and your ideas will be aligned on the same goal. You hide under your velvet gloves an iron will. You will be here at the top of your negotiating skills and shine through your natural way. You could also receive at this time recognition and praise from your superiors for your skills.leo this week horoscope 24 to 30 december 2018

The impulses of Mercury allow you to put your imagination at the service of your loves. Your inspirations are good chances. Whether you feel like you have to go out, which makes you have a happy meeting … Or imagine a candlelight dinner, subdued atmosphere, organize everything and make it surprise to your partner … Same result, you are right, for your happiness. The impulses of Mars incite you to eroticism and at the same time to romanticism.

You will have more opportunities to find a vision of your professional future in the long term. Indeed, you will be less impulsive in your thoughts. You complete tedious tasks, which will allow you to move to more creative things and above all, mobilize the capabilities that are in you and you want to develop. Promising advances are emerging, you will be able to concretely launch things after interviews.

Money and Luck
Financial successes come to you, the cash inflow is highly facilitated this week of December 24th. It’s time to claim your dues, reap the benefits of investments, etc. Your imagination will help you better organize your expenses wisely. You will take good initiatives to rebalance your budget in the long term. You will have to resist, from Wednesday to temptations related to impulsive expenses but not always useful.

Your form is stabilizing this week, which will advantageously allow you to conduct your activities which are increasing. It will not be to neglect a real need to ventilate you, to leave more confined atmospheres to maintain and raise your energy level. Your bone system is favored, the pain related to osteoarthritis or simply sedentary lifestyle tend to fade. Your metabolism announces more peace of mind, serenity.

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