Leo Today Daily Horoscope Friday 9th June 2017

Leo Today Daily Horoscope Predictions Friday 9th June 2017

Do not say an ironic word to anyone but rather guide you through your common sense so as not to see you involved in compromising situations or misinterpretations. A friendly woman will help you in a difficult trance. Love now takes on a different dimension because you realize the true intentions of who is at your side and what you can achieve starting from a sentimental relationship, increasingly stable.

You are about to receive an interesting economic offer that can give you money, but watch out! If you find yourself too good, be suspicious. Do not give your approval, sign or credit to people who do not inspire you with seriousness and credibility.

Leo Love Horoscope 9th June 2017
There are unstable planetary movements that can cause you restlessness. For that reason, avoid sarcastic comments, they hurt you. If you think your partner has been unfaithful, or you are in the midst of a confused emotional situation, do not make decisions until you are completely sure of the facts.

Today the stars will watch with solicitude on the loves of bachelors. You will feel at best in your shape, mind and alert senses. So that no chance will escape you, and you will be a very gifted lover. And as a couple, you will succeed, under the powerful impulse of Uranus, in transforming your relationships with your spouse or partner and starting on a new foundation. You will live great moments of happiness.

Your family may have guests today, among whom you may find someone you are especially well off with. You may not talk much; You are more likely to prefer to listen, but you will surely enjoy the company and have warm feelings towards them. Maybe someone is especially caring for you, probably someone you’ve ever helped.

Leo Health Horoscope 9th June 2017
If you had recent health problems you will see how your body reacts well to the treatments you are promoting in this cycle. Continue the same as there are many possibilities for improvement in everything you are doing right now.

Today you decide to start a diet. Usually you are careful about what you eat, but you have lately fallen into some bad habits. Daily lunches at the burger do not make you feel better! Try to buy some healthy salads and natural foods. Swallow some vitamins to stimulate your metabolism. Soon your system will begin to burn calories and improve.

Despite a very busy schedule and the impressive number of your little worries, you will have a truly breathtaking tone. Dynamized by Mars, swollen by block thanks to Jupiter, these two stars of shock, you will cross the day with an alert step and a joyful heart, winning a full load of success on all fronts.

Leo Work Horoscope 9th June 2017
You are about to change jobs, this will help you improve your income and diversify your economy. It is important that you dedicate more to what you know how to do and not waste time or energy with businesses that are not worth it.

A burst of intuition will be a great help to you today when it comes to work, career or other practical matters. Generally you prefer practicality and objectivity, so do not discard anything you feel for that non-Orthodox origin. The universe is trying to communicate with you, and it is important that you pay attention. You can feel greater confidence if you reflect on ideas with someone wise.

Attention to the impact of Jupiter, which can make you optimistic in your trade. This will not be the time to sell the bear’s skin before killing it, especially if you have complex negotiations. Luck will support you, but on condition that you remain cautious and, above all, very discreet.

Leo Money Horoscope 9th June 2017
Your efforts to grow your economy give results and your money grows. You are receiving a good astrological influence and you will manage to carry out a business that until now was paralyzed and did not make a profit. From now on money will flow as it should.

Great animation in the finance sector. You could win big in a game of chance; Check out your lucky number of the day. But you could also lose all sense of reality. In case of unexpected proposals, or if you suddenly want to embark on a costly expense, take time to think before making a decision. There is indeed a good chance that your first impulse is not the right one!

Leo Family Horoscope 9th June 2017
Good family atmosphere for the majority of you. Doped by the influence of the Sun in your sign, you will show a contagious dynamism that your loved ones will enjoy. Beware, however, of the impact of Pluto, which will be worth a few natives unexpected tensions in family, with their children, or with their parents.

Leo Social Life Horoscope 9th June 2017
Your moods will be very irascible. You will tend to engage in conflict situations and show yourself in a bad light, which could get you into trouble if you are not careful.

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