Leo Today Daily Horoscope Tuesday 6th June 2017

Leo Today Daily Horoscope Predictions Tuesday 6th June 2017

The influence of Mars and its aspect with the Moon demands of you a lot of social tact, Leo. Act wisely on an emotional issue in which a figure of the past emerges in your life and jeopardizes your current relationship. Do not neglect the details and get ready to face unexpected situations.

You will overcome difficulties. Do not always try to please and give in unconditionally, give your place and they will respect you from the beginning. If you have a stable partner you will feel more secure and the owner of your destiny, your privacy is renewed, fresh and solid.

Leo Love Predictions 6th June 2017
Act quickly at the end of what is not convenient and at the same time think well the results in a new proposition of love. In this planetary cycle you find solutions quickly.

If you are alone, the stars promise you a very important encounter. The one that you are going to meet will attract you irresistibly, awakening in you both to desire of rare intensity and very deep feelings. If you are in an ongoing relationship, rather than being tempted by extramarital adventures without panache, you would do well to devote yourself to the one who shares your life. Soon, the pleasure of the senses will take you both into a magical whirlwind.

Leo Health Predictions 6th June 2017
Good cycle for total organic recovery. The environmental astrological wave will favor you particularly if your health problems are chronic and are associated with varicose veins, circulatory disorders or minor cardiac difficulties.

In the planets directly related to your health sectors and with Jupiter in the vicinity, that is rather reassuring! To a slight flat: by being quite dissonant, Jupiter could expose to small number of you to certain hormonal or glandular imbalance: trouble completely negligible, in short.

Leo Work Predictions 6th June 2017
The activities of the day tend to be somewhat complicated and the people around you are in an anxious tone that hinders good communication. If what you need to raise is not urgent and can wait, tomorrow Tuesday will do better in everything.

Venus will be a source of inspiration in your work. New ideas will abound. You will want to offer them to your superiors. They will listen to them with interest. But to be sure that they will follow you, do not adopt too assertive to tone.

Leo Money Predictions 6th June 2017
You are starting a period in your economy in which things considered impossible begin to materialize. A dream becomes reality and your financial possibility comes in the form of a friend who is now abroad and brings money and fortune into your life with excellent ideas.

Nothing very important to report in the financial field. Your situation will be stable. One point, however, to emphasize: Jupiter will most certainly help you improve your income in the coming weeks.

Leo Family Predictions 6th June 2017
Many choices and decisions will rest on your shoulders, because you will be very much sought after by your family circle. But your shoulders are not frail and your back is wide, it is well known. With the support of Pluto, this time you will assume your role valiantly and with happiness.

Leo Social life Predictions 6th June 2017
The present aspects of the planet Mercury will make you gullible and vulnerable. One might well deceive your good faith or make you pay dearly for a confident spontaneity. Be on your guard. Beware not only of your enemies, but especially of your friends. “God keep me from my friends, my enemies, I take care of it”
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