Leo Today Horoscope 19 April 2017

It is not a way you are having to treat a person very important to you, in the future you could regret this attitude, it begins to change.

You are putting aside exercise and sport in your life and this is not bringing you something good.

Do not stop thinking about the people who have left your life, without them you would not have reached the maturity and status you have now.

It is a good time to be sharing with the people you want, it is very likely that today you have a family reunion or a meeting with friends where they will have the pleasure of sharing among all and catching up on everything that they have not Counted yet.

You are entering the sentimental scene of surprises as an unexpected detail will put you on the path of love and romance, something beautiful is approaching your life. Your emotional horizon is varied and extends in front of you full of new opportunities, particularly if in the past days you have felt something sad or discouraged by efforts that did not just crystallize. From tomorrow when a sign of the earth element begins to rule, you will notice changes and transformations around you. Open your heart and mind to new experiences.

Leo Today Horoscope Predictions 19 April 2017

This Tuesday the Moon is in Capricorn, but already moving to Aquarius. The planets Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn are retrograde, the others are direct. A person of the past begins to hit your life with unpleasant memories. Put aside those sad ideas and propose to live a present full of happiness, without incursions into the frustrations that happened sometime and with more security and confidence in your future, the best Leo style.

You are receiving a strong healing wave that revitalizes your body and helps you recover from health problems associated with skin disorders. So do not neglect your protective creams if you are going to be exposed to the elements for a long time.

A new cycle is coming, and possibly even you have started business on your own. Your ingenuity, spark and attractiveness to others will be the key factor in your work reality.

Money and Luck
There is a very propitious wave within your economic reality that will help you recover money that may have been lost, but which fortunately now you recover it and with better conditions than before.

Do not lose the ability to laugh and have fun, it will be very good if you start talking much more with your friends and the people you have around you, do not let the work completely consume you.
Leo Today’s lucky numbers: 4, 6, 11, 12, 30, 42

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