Leo Today Horoscope Friday 26th May 2017

Leo Today Horoscope Predictions Friday 26th May 2017

Your ruler, the Sun, when placed in conjunction with the Moon creates a unique, indelible landscape that inspires you in many ways, but more than anything on the love plane because you now understand better the nature of your feelings and those around you .

These days of late May open new avenues of communication between you and other people. You have been somewhat uneasy without knowing very well what party to take in the face of an unclear situation that emerged unexpectedly in your life. You will know how to channel your energy in the right direction and in doing so you will win friends, and prestige.

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If that person that interests you seems to move away from your life do not feel bad about it and grant the benefit of the doubt because maybe it is something temporary that has nothing to do with you. Often people often bring their personal or work problems into the relationship and then mix reactions, Leo.

The cosmic waves that envelop your Leo sign will help you feel better in health if in the past you had any type of respiratory difficulty, respiratory or bronchial disorders and you feel restless for some medical result that you do not just value, calm Everything will be solved in due course.

The Leo who are starting some new job will feel strongly supported by their superiors, bosses and administrators for the willing, enthusiastic and joyful way in which they fulfill their obligations. You will shine for your excellent attitude, but do not let yourself be carried away by past successes, every day is different.

You, Leo, shine like the Sun that governs your sign and although you may not have the money you need now you will see how in these next days of June you recover more than you have invested and if you lost something there will be good news about it and you will come out very Well of a certain complex situation in your finances.

Your Lion’s Horoscope today, 26 May 2017

Your astrology

Your faith in your own ideas makes you stubborn in the right direction! Here are some interesting discussions on Friday. The challenges you are making are positive, but you are more tired than you suppose.

Your Day in Stars

  • Mood
    You will evaluate your business by projecting yourself into your stability needs and will act accordingly.
  • Love
    Your weighting generates positive results. Do not try anything risky, today, say quietly.
  • Money
    To turn too fast would put your negotiations at risk. You can find within you the resources to overcome your impatience.
  • Job
    This day privileges the professional links and allows you to relaunch a project that had become fragile. You will be more inclined to make useful concessions.

And your Decan in all this?

The moon is in Taurus, in position 22 degrees, 11 minutes: Material and effective life is more stable, laziness linked to habits, memory and grudges.
First decan: Born between 23 July and 02 August

The moon, realistic and cerebral encourages you to honest and lucid evaluations of your material situation. It is an excellent day to make your accounts and, depending on the case, start saving that keeps the road, borrow at a good rate, invest smartly or easily recover the sums owed. .

Second decan: Born between 03 August to 13 August

The atmosphere is a bit dull to your taste but respectful that you end up enjoying the company of others, often devoted, always efficient and even picky in their activities. Take care of the practical, material and financial aspects of your activities, you will make good decisions.

Third decan: Born between 14 August to 22 August

Stay attentive to what is said around you, the remarks of some, the reflections of others, often discreet but full of common sense could prove very useful in the development of your current projects. It is a punctilious and objective lighting of your means and your capacities.

Your day: a rather sultry day. Note: 3/5

One of your loved ones could go away for work or study. You will be affected. Already plan a short trip to compensate for your disappointment.

The work calls you. You will have to roll up the sleeves and show great motivation. You are not necessarily aware of it, but great things are going to happen today. Risk of allergic disorders.

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