Leo Today Horoscope Friday 5th May 2017

Leo Today Psychic Horoscope Predictions Friday 5th May 2017

Today Friday changes your effective landscape and something that seemed improbable materializes in a positive way. Do not worry if something does not come out as you have planned since happily what you expected was going to be conflicting now is going to be resolved in a friendly way.

Seeing only the negative part of each situation, you are prone to be enclosed in a circle. It could be that your own lack of perspective does not allow you to see the response you have before your eyes. Your mind is your main asset, but also your worst enemy.


Do not fall victim to that automatic inclination towards the negative. Once you take control and begin to see the positives instead of the negatives, the answer will emerge clearly.

If you were unemployed, you start a cycle of work and opportunities, but you must take into account that to make the most of it, you will have to make adjustments and adjustments in your home, your lifestyle and put order on many issues associated with this period you are living.

Today Friday 5th May the Moon is traveling through the Virgo sign in the fourth growing phase, and the planets Jupiter, Saturn, and the planetoid Pluto are retrograde. It’s time to reprogram your mind and your life, Leo.

Bad luck does not exist as such, failures either, there are only lessons, experiences, and when you see life with that optics you discover that you can get ahead better than blaming yourself or blaming others for your past, good or bad experiences.

It’s your time for health reflection, Leo. If you are not exercising, you will start walking even half an hour a day. You will review your diet, your diet, and you will notice how you are eliminating those extra pounds that made you so uneasy.

An unexpected conversation with a current or potential partner can end with both of you revealing your deepest feelings. This talk may indirectly affect the state of your relationship, but you will learn a lot about the other which could cause you to now consider whether you want to continue with the relationship or not.

All the signs say, however, that the relationship might change a little, but it will continue.

During these next days you will be very busy doing many things that others did not opportunely. Take it all sportily and do not be bitter for anything even if you have to do a task that does not correspond to you.

Today you could get up feeling that there is something in you that is not quite right, but not knowing what it is. There may be some physical imbalance, or you may have a tired eye.

This may make you feel angry at yourself and at others, particularly if you feel overwhelmed with problems or responsibilities. Avoid computers and take time during the day to go jogging or go for a walk.

There are no coincidences, but causalities or relations of cause and effect, Karma. A friend will contact you to offer you something that will lead to more income and better economic conditions for you.

Spend the day in company. Savor the time you spend with your friends and loved ones. You have the opportunity to help others reach higher levels of awareness. However, do not let your emotions dominate your rational mind. Resist the tendency to show yourself in agreement with others simply to keep the peace; Relationships of all kinds must be sincere. Take a moment to consider the situation before heading headlong to achieve your goals.