Leo Today Horoscope Saturday 13th May 2017

Leo Today Horoscope Daily Predictions Saturday 13th May 2017

You will have to surrender and clarify your wishes for the couple to continue working. Good business and winning gains on the door as long as you can control their character and act on time. Try to have your dark side do not impose your law today, tomorrow you can complete what today was not possible, it is better so ruin everything. Today, patience and calm must guide you. Calmly you can progress better, remember not to rush you arrive earlier. To help you, we bring you an affirmation to repeat and meditate: “I am abundant in money and in love, today I can wait and remain still”

Now that the Moon is in a fire sign, as your element, your sensitivity is in full bloom and you should keep a discrete tone on everything. You must act in a circumspect way in front of anyone who comes to tell you something embarrassing that could jeopardize a relationship, perhaps that of a friend or friend dear to you. In your inner world you discover feelings towards a certain person you have not experienced before. There is a harmonic balance in your horoscope associated with your health problems.

The Moon is in transit through the Sagittarius sign and the planets Jupiter, Saturn and the planetoid Pluto are still retrograde. Some people in your environment are now too sensitive or susceptible. As a reaction, you say things you do not really feel, so watch out for those hurtful words because you could be causing problems in your relationship and creating distances with someone who truly loves you.

If you have to say something important to someone today, you must do it without fear, if you enter into conflict will be something that will be solved easily.

Simple things are of paramount importance in everyone’s life, but now is not the time for Leo, you need to improve your life and your quality of life.

You must invest money in your personal image and also in improving your house a little more, remember that the world where we live today, takes these things into account, it is not good to let them discriminate at work for the way you wear, Remember that the image is important, it is another work in which you must invest time and money, as well as in your personal image, you are what you project.

A moment of joy will happen to the couple today, you probably need to start making important decisions about the fate of the relationship, look for ways to turn a possible discussion during the day into something good for both of you.

You are prone to strong allergic reactions during the full moon effect of this day so you should eliminate all possible causes of problems both at home and at work. Stay away from dust and cigarettes, as well as the penetrating odors of chlorine or ammonia.

There will be very good opportunities to change jobs and find a more pleasant and rewarding type of activity, but do not compromise yourself for the first one that comes up and be selective, as corresponds to the nature of your sign.

Money matters will be solved much faster than you think, but do not let yourself be enveloped by those who approach you to offer you deals that are not really worth it and could cause economic loss, Leo.
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