Leo Today Horoscope Sun 7th May 2017

Leo Today Horoscope Predictions Sunday 7th May 2017

In the social sphere, be prepared to offer meetings where you will behave wonders given their affectionate nature and the dedication they apply as a good host. It will be one of the attractions of the day and everyone will speak well of their work. It is very possible that he will soon repeat the experience at the request of his guests. Do not rush an effective break, because if you do you will regret for a long time since Venus and especially the moon is not in your favor on this day. Sometimes things look better with the light of the next day, especially if the seed of love is still sown in your heart. Be patient and do not rush.

You can not pretend to get along with everyone, if you do not agree with that person, it is best to stay as far apart as possible. You do not want to keep arguing.

You will be in the middle of novel circumstances which will force you to choose one person or another, for one situation or another. Best of all, you are now very inspired and concrete. During these next days of the month of May your sign Leo, of the fire element, will be entering a stage full of intensity, intense emotions and desires to express yourself openly with others attracting to you the looks of those who are by your side. Likewise, abundance gives you returns and your sign will attract abundance as it corresponds to your nature.

The people you work with are looking for an opportunity to talk about something very important, they probably want you to be a much more important part of the team, so they will give you a better job projection among all.

Love needs you to take a choice, you may be wanting two people right now, you should choose what makes you happy, so you should listen carefully to your heart to make a good decision.

If you have confidence in your words and your feelings, it is likely that the person you are meeting is a bit confused, since this is not normal in today, people tend to hide much more what they feel and what they Is going on, make it clear to the person that your intentions are real.

It is not yet time to start celebrating something that has not happened, if you have only the idea that you will succeed in something you have postulated, you should expect to see the true result before singing victory.

If possible try to take a trip to a natural place where you can swim, walk, run or be in close contact with the environment. The stars envelop you with a positive halo that favors treatments of all kinds.

It is possible that you find an opportunity to work from home, but that type of activity does not go to the rhythm of your temper and in a short time you would feel bored. Take it as something temporary. That job does not go with you, Leo.

The contacts you have established with foreigners begin to give you money. The possibilities of business trips and jobs that are related to the tourism industry or the importation of products are highly favored.
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