Leo Today Horoscope Sunday 21st May 2017

Leo Today Horoscope Zodiac Prediction Sunday 21st May 2017

With the beginning of a sign of the air element, versatile and conversational, you tend to comment with strange questions that do not concern them and then this would turn against you.

If there are differences of opinions or criteria between you and another person try to keep them at that level of discretion because if they reach the ears of third parties could entangle everything and then engage in a gossip putting in your mouth words you did not say at any time. As long as you are prudent and circumspect things will work out better for you.

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The Moon continues in transit through Pisces, and today begins to rule the sign of Gemini in many countries. The planets Jupiter, Saturn and the planetoid Pluto remain retrograde. You are likely to hear a disturbing comment that might alarm you in relation to a person you love, and even your partner. When that happens do not immediately jump to conclusions, grant the benefit of the doubt and do not let jealousy go to obsubitate your mind.

It’s time for physical activity, Leo. What may be happening to you is that you have neglected your life regime and you are sitting for a long time without moving. Change that dynamic and you will see how well you will feel.

It is important that you write down well, either on an agenda, on your phone or on the computer, what are the tasks you have ahead so that you do not forget any and can do them in a timely manner.

The positive influence of Mercury and Venus interacting with your regent, the Sun, this weekend will help you to be very intuitive and clear mentally to be able to discern what is best for you in matters of money, and what damages you. Apply your common sense and experience in everything you do.

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With Gemini conflicts, with Taurus stability and calmness, with Aries seduction, with Leo good time for love and bad timing for business, with difficult times Virgo.

Success is the product of work, intelligent planning and power that only gives the wisdom of knowing oneself on the right path, the certainty of knowing that one is behind an important goal, a deserved end, an achievable goal.

The magnetism and the seduction of couple will shake him deeply. You will feel that you love her with all your heart and will enjoy your company. The sexuality of these natives will be in its maximum splendor, because of this they will find themselves spreading joy and passion.

Life is often hard with those who strive hard, but you should not always think this way, since every effort has its reward in the end and if in this period you have had to work hard, and will come the time to rest, remember That laziness does not bring good things with you.

In the studies, you could face a difficult exam today, but do not be scared, if you studied and you tried, everything will turn out well.

You do not have the need to always be remembering all the time how bad you’ve lived before, it’s a good time to turn the page to the bad and start waiting for the good, only then will the success you expect in every field. You have a good chance in love, do not waste it.
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