Leo Today Horoscope Sunday 28th May 2017

Leo Today Horoscope Predictions Sunday 28th May 2017

Today you could focus on those little details. Maybe you organize your file system by theme or name. Or maybe you’ll put some links on the website. You will be concentrating on small things like letters, numbers and figures. You will enjoy using that brain of yours to create a more orderly system. So make time to do what you enjoy the most!

You tend to be somewhat reckless and impulsive wanting to see immediate solutions to everything that is happening in your environment. However, the best is still missing as these days of June will be facing new situations, circumstances that will help you finish what seemed very difficult, but now has been facilitated.

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Leo Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 3rd August 2022

You are living a very intense stage within your sentimental reality, and when this happens you feel inspired and confident, with more confidence in yourself and your potentialities. A friendly person who does not see much resurfaces at the least thought and rejoice your days with freshness, good humor and exceptional character.

The natural graces of your sign envelop your aura giving you a touch of youth and beauty that will madden your lover with passion. However, you must take care of the zalamias and coquetries that could endanger your relationship.
Your imagination and intellectual ability will motivate you to make creative changes in your home. It could be something simple like new plants or a more complicated project like renovations or redecorated. Regardless of the project you choose, you will channel enough energy to get results that will satisfy you and the rest of the family. Have fun!

Relax as much as you can this weekend and continue to listen to the signals of your body. You will know how to tackle health problems in a rational way. The day is very well sponsored in that aspect. Take everything with much more calm.
Dare to combine those plaid pants with the polka blouse. As accessory attach a scarf with pink feathers and a striped jacket. Let your eccentric part show off! Today is a spectacular day for you, and you must feel free to express yourself in an open and strong way to the world around you. You should experience strong confidence in yourself to take advantage of this moment to the fullest.

If today you must work, outside or inside your house, and do not plan well your activities could complicate you in the afternoon and have to spend more hours on a job. Start a little earlier and you’ll solve the problem.
Today there will be a dramatic change of direction for you, related to either your career or your home life. It could be that you feel that it is time to take a new and more challenging role at work. Or maybe you came up with a new way to manage your finances. Whatever your new goals, you will feel positivism and motivation for them. Now is the time to focus your energy on what you really want.

If you are forced to participate in a social activity take it as an economic management that can give you gains and prestige. Take care of your image and present your best. That way you will have a good impact on your future business partners.
Today promises much objectivity and clarity in your thoughts. You should take this opportunity to address some situations that you do not understand, and achieve perspective of things. It’s time to be honest with others in your comments. As long as you are fair, no one can tell you that you are taking advantage of your position, even if you are in a situation where you have to rebuke someone.

The Leo’s Day Horoscope 28 May 2017

You will need to get out of your daily life and get away from your concerns, keep the sense of the measure. And diplomacy! Naturally, you will change a habit that will save you energy.

Your Day in Stars

Your critical spirit goes hand in hand with your diplomacy. You will be able this Sunday May 28 to render service to your close relations.

You need to flee some explanations that are nevertheless indispensable. The moon that is conjoined with Mars in Gemini and then opposed to Saturn could undermine both your hopes of love and your own love, either in the form of refusal to your advances that might be opposed to you or in the form of A frustrating sexual breakdown. Thanks to Uranus, you will not dwell on these failures and you will go forward without turning around.

In a relationship with
There will be as a certain amorous incompatibility between your partner and you. The latter will seem to have much more desire and desire than what you will be able to satisfy. Perhaps it is the work that weighs you down? Let the other make you forget your hassle and put some insanity into your life.

Rather blase by the love on this Sunday morning, you will be more focused on the friendship which you will appear less bearing deceptions. As a result, you may close yourself to solicitations that may be made to you. However, feelings are not always controlled and occur without warning when not expected.

What if you learn to control desire and pleasure in order to make your frolics last? At the crucial moment, change position: fatally exciting!

Your sensual cocktail

1/5 of blackcurrant syrup, 1/5 of redcurrant syrup, 3/5 of redcurrant juice

Make the “Buissonier” recipe directly in the glass. Pour the blackcurrant syrup into the red wine glass. Top with currant juice. Stir and add an ice cube.

You will significantly improve your situation by taking legal or administrative information.

It is through the services that you give that you will reap satisfactions. You do well to believe in gratitude.You will not feel more satisfied with your current work especially because it does not allow you to evolve as you would like. Ideas of resignation might swim in your head. Perhaps it is the right time to apply for a new position that will be much more rewarding.

You will be upset today by finding that things are delayed due to complications in processing your application for funding. Be reassured, everything will happen as planned and you will soon have to sign.

You could make new friends today. On the other hand, one may miss the call due to a conjugal tumult.

One of your children could make you head after your refusal to buy him a thing he wanted. By explaining the reasons for your refusal, he will eventually understand.t

Recipe of the day

Dried tomatoes

Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 8 h

1.5 kg of tomatoes
6 garlic cloves
10 to 12 sprigs of fresh coriander
10 to 12 strands of thyme
Olive oil

Preheat oven to Thermostat 3 (90 ° C).
Wash the tomatoes by passing them quickly under cold water.
Peel and chop the garlic cloves, chop the coriander and thyme.
Cut the tomatoes in 2 and remove the seeds with a small spoon.
Arrange them on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper.
Sprinkle each half of tomato with the herbs: chopped garlic, chopped coriander, thyme leaves, then pour a light fillet of olive oil over each.
Put in the oven keeping the door ajar.
Let the tomatoes dry while watching them: they must remain flexible.
When ready, put them in a jar.

Energy requirement for 1 whole dried tomato: about 80 kcal, including some traces of protein, 5 g of fat and 10 g of carbohydrates.
After awakening a little bit impatient and difficult, you will soon find your desire to move in all directions.
To take care of you

your beauty
The English have style, on long or medium hair, they will bring a hint of romanticism.

Your outfit
The derby, so British! Adopt the style.

Your perfume
The Fir Balsam develops stunning notes of turpentine and candied fruit.

Your color
In the evening, accent your blush and make cheekbones red tomette!

Your stone
The crystal of rock brings to its wearer a pleasant serenity.

Your sport
Organize an equestrian hike, it will be the opportunity to discover nature, over long distances.

your hobbies
Cookbooks make you look. Put on your apron and your chef’s cap.

your house
Adopt feng shui fashion for your home to find your chi, your vital energy.

Your garden
Choose the teak for your wooden deck, it is solid, rot-proof and of a beautiful color.

First decan Born between 23 July and 02 August

It’s a beautiful day to get married or to start a joint venture. It is also a great opportunity to get away with friends, associates or lovers, exchanges are particularly protected and you will spend very good times that will stabilize your long-term relationships.

Second decan Born between 03 August to 13 August

Your relations today will be very fulfilling if you do not impose your opinions by force. Luck is nestled in associations, collaborations, agreements, agreements, teamwork, marriage … to succeed in two or more, it takes compromises, flexibility.

Third decan Born between 14 August and 22 August

The moon adorns you with an intense seduction which it would be a pity not to exploit in the direction of your interests. If you have to ask for an increase, invite someone to dinner, offer an engagement ring or agree with collaborators, this is a good time to get started.

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