Leo Today Horoscope and Tarot Monday 22nd May 2017

Leo Today Daily Zodiac Horoscope and Tarot Monday 22nd May 2017

Be careful with the tongue because you are somewhat reckless due to the influence of the Moon in transit by a sign of the fire element, and you could make a mistake divulging a secret. Do not embark on what you later regret. Before saying something improper, analyze whether it is worth saying, or if it is going to cause you more problems in your life. After all, what interests you is your inner peace and that of those who live with you. It is not always necessary to tell everything, many things should be silent for the good of those who are by your side.

The Moon is entering the sign of Aries. The planets Jupiter, Saturn and the planetoid Pluto are retrograde. It is already ruling the sign of Gemini. If you are single or single, divorced or divorced, in some situation of separation or loneliness, you will be thinking about a relationship that is pleasant, and do not tie you emotionally. Keep your independence. At this moment they do not suit you.

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You will become aware of certain harmful habits that are hurting you. Change certain things in your life regime and you will see how you satisfactorily overcome any discomfort you have suffered, you can, Leo, because your will is now on the rise.

Wrap yourself in a tone of patience, social tact and intelligence and persuasion so you can get yourself understood by those coworkers who have not just realized their work situation. Not everyone has your own efficiency, be consistent with them.

You must take steps to consolidate your debts from now on and not have so many credits, payments and expenses. If you start to simplify in that sense you will be saving a lot and what now turns out to be an economic sacrifice will yield very good results in a few months, especially from the second half of the year when you are entering your birthday cycle.

Those who are still alone can begin a romantic relationship with a colleague or work person. It is not difficult to choose, the difficult thing is, many times, to sustain in time the positive energy and the strength necessary to follow the chosen path. Duty calls you, do not ignore his call. It may be time to pay off old debts or favors that helped you a lot at one point in your life. Old friendships reemerge from the past. The road to lasting happiness appears after benefiting others. Resolve your conflicts in harmony with your true self.

This is not a good time to seek financial independence today, you may have to solve many things before you do this, order your priorities before taking risks.

Most people have left from very low, you should never forget the humble origins and the effort that others have made for us, so today, if you have the option to do so, give a return for your memories, House of origin, pay a visit to your parents or your close relatives, it will be an experience that will help you put your feet on the ground, it is necessary.

You may begin to have doubts about someone who has entered your life recently, it is likely that you are right to think badly or to have mistrust of that person, do not let him fool you or lie to you, try to keep The right distance without becoming discourteous, you should never lose the education you have been instilled since childhood.
Today’s lucky numbers: 6, 14, 20, 22, 32, 36, 14, 22, 36, 40, 46, 47.

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Be very careful with nonsensical stubbornness and misunderstood pride, especially with regard to the affective plane. They will be the worst enemies on this day in the relationship you have. It is best to stay calm and try to avoid the reactions that you can then repent of. While the natives of this sign love to give advice, it costs them much more to accept them and this is precisely what they should try to do on this day: rely on the intuition of others to solve situations in the workplace. Keep this in mind throughout the day.

That energy that has driven you through the past few weeks today may seem a little absent, causing you to fear that your progress can not continue. As a result, you may feel somewhat depressed. Do not fall into this trap. The pace has been so fast that at some point it had to slow down. ! It will become what it once was and you will have had time to catch your breath! Do not give up!
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