Leo Today Horoscope Thursday 11th May 2017

Leo Today Horoscope Predictions Thursday 11th May 2017

Trust your instincts and participate in your decisions to your partner. Do not let her or you. Be carried away by comments from third parties. The job to realize your dreams is your true work on this planet, to achieve all your goals as your destiny says. Try not to see things with an alarmist sense, focus on your inner being and broaden your eyes on every problem that presents itself, that your look is great and with inner grandeur, nothing can be so serious and, ultimately, life is a Complex sea of ​​comings and goings, do not take everything so to the tremendous.

You have to drink a lot more water in the mornings, it’s a good way to control hunger and anxiety.

You have someone in your work group and you need to have a conversation with that person, do not let him overdo you and drive you at will, you have to speak to the truth and tell you how much is affecting teamwork.

This cycle of the opposition of your ruler, the Sun, with the Moon, will exceed many expectations, Leo. If you are to the expectation in the middle of a labor management you must reassure yourself as it is already in the process of being solved. If you have separated some money to buy something, invest it in a rest or vacation. Take some time so you can think. Once relaxed and free of stress, lean on your intuition and you will come up with ideas that will put into perspective the present emotional situations.

Full moon! This is the day and night of the full moon which is passing through the sign of Scorpio. The planets Jupiter, Saturn and the planetoid Pluto are retrograde. Great time for happy reconciliations and arrangements between couples who had problems in the recent past. Possibly you are thinking to return next to who inspires you and from this moment the doors of love are opened. Do you see how good everything is?

If you have recently had a health problem after a few days in bed or in recovery, you begin to feel very well and fully stabilized. Take advantage of this vitality to do what you have so far wanted and could not do.

Situations occur outside the routine in your company. Even if you are tempted to give your opinion the most prudent thing is to be silent if you have not asked for advice. Your words, even if they are very sincere, could be taken today as arrogant or arrogant, even though that is not your true intention. You know it, so moderate your expressions.

There are good omens in your economic landscape, Leo. Economic alliances are beginning and although the results are not seen yet, in a few days you will be receiving promising news regarding money owed or a recently requested loan.

An unplanned trip could happen during the day, will force you away from home for a couple of days, try to leave everything in order before leaving.

It is not a good stage to think about taking a commitment that you will not be able to maintain, love does not wait and you should not start thinking about what you could lose, if the person leaves after your negative was only a very possible consequence to What you were going to say, accept it as such.
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