Leo Today Horoscope Thursday 18th May 2017

Leo Today Horoscope Daily Predictions Thursday 18th May 2017

Go ahead, Leo, with your gaze fixed on your goals. The circumstances you are agreeing on in your love life are intense. Take this opportunity to end with a doubt. Today Wednesday there is a cheerful tone throughout your horoscope. You will get a gossip that if you spread it would create problems in your workplace. Follow your intuitions and do not get carried away by the comments of these people as they are not suitable for your work life, or personal.

The Moon continues in the sign of Aquarius, which as you know is your opposite sign, and the planets Jupiter, Saturn and the planetoid Pluto continue retrograde. There may be some obstacles to your weekend plans so go mentally prepare them not to affect you. It is time to enjoy your loving reality and not to make what you do not have in your hands at the center of your worries.

You will experience improvement if you have been suffering from problems related to your digestive tract. It is possible that the root of the malaise lies in some type of food that you should not have consumed.

Soon you will be assuming new responsibilities. The area of ​​work is well supported in your private sector and also in which it is related to smaller activities with small businesses on their own.

This planetary period that is taking place today Wednesday augurs a practical solution to a question of money that had you restless. You will soon have the income you need.

Very positive encounter with the past. Things are cleared a long time ago, but left wounds without closing. In the couple everything is fine if you can be sincere and affectionate. Give your body and soul time as much as the one you give to others … and you will be rewarded with beauty, happiness, and health.

The enemy moves, staying still is not convenient, use your intuition and intelligence to end with those who put stones on the road, only for evil. Social gatherings will make you feel refreshed, do not avoid them. It will conquer the desired person using as its effective weapon the loving dialogue.

It is not good that you always act on the march, you should also take time to think about the steps you are going to take now and in the future, you will not always be able to improvise with everything in life.

A project you presented some time ago could be giving its first results today, if they are not as you expected, then do not decay, since you can always try again and succeed later, notes the mistakes and successes that You had to correct them.

Love has difficulties today, it is likely that the couple is in a bad time, do not stop giving support, you need.

You have the option to do something nice for someone who is very present in your life and you will notice this day, do not let the opportunity to help this person.
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