Leo Today Horoscope Tuesday 2nd May 2017

Leo Today Horoscope Predictions Tuesday 2nd May 2017

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Promising the day, you will notice how your usual good humor and affability decay into petty kittens. Do not think that the world has turned against you. Raise the mood that is only about some planetary influence that is not very close.

Above! On the affective plane, he will tend to dramatize everything by pretending to be a victim to gain the eternal protection of a person who will hit him, but will only get him to flee from you. A true Lion would appeal to his magnetic charm rather than to pity. Take care of your diet a little more, and try to make a life a little healthier. You will notice the differences very quickly.

There are two main types of people we meet daily. Those who like to cause problems, provoke and make others feel bad and others who seek to brighten the world, to solve and to make feel good to all that come to him.

Remove from your list the first ones and share more quality of time with the second ones. You are in a good astral moment so do not fret. Keep doing your things in the usual way and there will be no difficulties.

If you are looking for a job you must insist that now will begin to open doors for your work. There is facility in how you borrow this cycle.

Today it can happen that a person gives you much comfort. It may be someone you know well, but maybe it’s the last person you’d expect help from.

As you tend to be hard-working and fairly calm, you may not always pay attention to those around you. However, this does not mean that they do not pay attention to you. Hold on to a new friendship and the support it offers you when the occasion arises.

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