Leo Today Horoscope Tuesday 9th May 2017

Leo Today Horoscope Predictions Tuesday 9th May 2017

The inner solitude returns and lashes out in your life with force, countering this negative influence that can cause economic and health problems. Turn to your friends. To begin the changes you need to recognize yourself in the action. Today the help of Mars is for the hardworking, enterprising souls who do not stop at anything. If you are lazy today you will have the strength to change your way of being and start the fight in the front row, the change that is coming will leave you breathless … are you going to lose it? During this month marital discord will appear products of the many family invitations, today you can stop this with some elegant excuse.

This day will leave an indelible mark on your life because you will be facing an unexpected situation, and you will know how to solve it admirably. Let each one do things in his own way and do it to yours. In this week that is starting you will receive many news and surprises, including, within the love plane, something that you have been waiting for months and now crystallizes. Have patience and do not lose confidence in yourself because the best is to reach your personal horizon, Leo.

This Tuesday the Moon is in transit by the sign of Libra moving to Scorpio. The planets Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are retrograde. Live as you know, without getting involved in complicated situations that at the end of the day only cause problems and problems. If someone who interests you wants to have something deeper with you, before launching, explore the reality of their intentions.

You should not take into account the opinion of someone who does not know all your personal history, today you will want to make you see a different point in the story, which you are not willing to approach.

Friends will come to your rescue in the moment you are living, do not close the door, or ignore your tendency to isolate when things go wrong, accept the help of others.

An important person is going through a very bad moment, you must be a fundamental support for her, do not leave her alone.

You do not have to be there for everyone, many times you must refuse to help, especially when you have too much to do.

You have to save a lot more money than you are currently saving, start to sort your priorities and make buying products a little cheaper.

From now on, mentally plan how you are going to invest your time, because you will not find yourself off-center at the last moment. The best for your health are the outdoor activities, well natural.

You may be in the middle of an issue that consumes you time and energy and does not leave you breath to do those things that are so important to you. Combine your schedule properly so you will not experience labor or social distress. Everything at the time, Leo.

The main thrust of your economic relations today is the openness of mind and the flexibility to change your financial plans and projects as needed. You can do it because your mind is agile, creative and innovative.
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