Leo weekly Horoscope 10th April to 16th April, 2017

Leo weekly Horoscope Predictions 10th April to 16th April, 2017

Work: Leo weekly Horoscope 10th April to 16th April, 2017, Take adverse comments and try to stay away from gossip that does not lead to anything. The discussions at work can be stopped if you do not pay attention and pretend that nothing has happened, it is a bad time to generate controversy or tensions. Let the moment pass in peace.

A resounding success and the realization of your dreams will not be an unexpected miracle, but what you deserve in life, in the natural effort to realize your dreams. Joy with friends of air signs. You must always be attentive to the signs of the Universe, it is the only way you will find your destiny, your love and your true desires deferred and forgotten in time. Those who already have a stable partner will be tempted to commit some infidelity.

Love: In love they will enjoy a lot of peace so the lions will not want to leave their home, nor to leave their family. If he manages to concentrate with his feet on the ground he will be fortunate in everything he undertakes. The love he receives should be an inexhaustible source of happiness and not of concern. The singles of this sign will enjoy the meetings and parties with friends and will get distracted in these social relationships, to the point of not being interested in matters of the heart. Towards the end of the week there are still the conflicting waste from the previous week and now they increase and reach the intimacy of the couple. These natives will not tolerate the arguments and different poses of their partner.

Health: Get more sleep and soon renew energies. A walk outdoors with your love will clarify the feelings, often congested before the daily routine. Include in your life a bit of uncertainty. If you have habits that damage your health, keep in mind that the most precious thing you have is your body, thanks to it you can work and love. Do not ignore the calls of your health and get to work. A fuller future awaits you starting today. Today dawned with a great tendency to crazy decisions, premature and revolutionary … try to balance your day with a little protective silence, to watch over making big mistakes.

A frank conversation with the couple will be decisive for the Leo. The bond that unites you with the person you love is strong and solid, but the couple is in danger of becoming boring and monotonous. Love is important but it is not enough. The stars advise you to look for a way to rekindle the relationship. Practicing some recreational activity together can be a great help. In addition, it is necessary that each one has its own spaces and its own friends.

In the economic and financial field, the people of this sign will live a week in which they will have to make important decisions. Your productive activity has grown a lot, however to continue to evolve you need to associate with other people. For some time you know that if you do not seek the economic and logistical support of others, your business will be harmed. The stars advise you not to dilate things, make a decision and do it fast.

In the labor field the natives of this sign will live a very good week. You worked intensely to excel. However, the recognition of your bosses did not arrive and less able people than you obtained better positions inside your place of work. That discouraged you a lot but you continued to work tirelessly and that effort will begin to bear fruit as of this week. There will be changes but they will be very positive for you.

In the field of health, people of this sign will live a week in which your body will require rest. During the weekend you will choose to connect with nature to relax the body and mind. You will spend very beautiful and unforgettable moments.

Leo weekly Lucky Numbers, 10th April to 16th April, 2017

  • Color of the week: Purple.
  • Numbers of Luck: 2, 9, 14, 25, 43, 44.
  • Best day of the week: Saturday.
  • Better compatibility: Aries.

Friend Leo, life is worth more than all the gold in the world, for many riches you accumulate will not serve to buy your happiness nor that of those around you.

You dedicate all your time and energy to improve in your work environment, but even if you are leaving in this battle the whole skin, you are realizing that what you are winning is not filling you, you are not satisfied with the results. Without realizing you have left aside your family and friends, you have not spent the minimum time to share with them your challenges and triumphs, so, now you feel alone and feel like your successes do not have the value you wanted so much.

You are still in time to rectify and reconnect with them, look for the moment to gather them all and make them share your feelings, they will value you and you will feel as everything takes a new dimension in your life.

For the Leo that you are looking for the love the stars indicate that it is not the most appropriate moment to find it, your stress and your tensions would not leave you the necessary time to devote all the necessary time that needs to start a new relation. Take advantage of the little time left for you to share with your friends and live new experiences that will serve you in the near future.

For those who are sharing your life with someone, be careful what you say, learn to count to ten before speaking, remember that you will be the owner of your silences and slave to your words.

In the labor and economic field moves in the extremes, will go very well for some and for others the thing will go very bad, no middle terms. As much for the one as for the others, prudence, that things do not always last, and life is capricious, at any moment the situation can change from one day to another.

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