Leo Weekly Horoscope 10th to 16th May 2021

Leo (born between July 23 and August 22): On the 10th, your great and creative ideas will serve to help others, since it is your fundamental task on this day. So do your best.

On Tuesday the 11th, it is time to kick-start your intensity to evaluate the creations and experiences that you are going to put into practice today. Lean on your great enthusiasm. On Wednesday the 12th, you are having a hard time relaxing and this does not help you in your commitments. You have a lot of energy that is quite favorable because you have enthusiasm and depth to do everything: But for a little the metronome.leo weekly horoscope for 10th to 16th may 2021

On Thursday the 13th, the most important thing is the value that you give to your actions and that you put all your enthusiasm into them. However, you must balance your mood. And you have to learn to use your potentials at the right time. Friday the 14th is a day in which you must learn to dose your great energy and make the most of your deep and balanced abilities, in everything you do.

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On Saturday the 15th, you will have to deal with great care and affection with associated and close people. And mainly with the couple, so that everything comes to fruition. On Sunday the 16th, you will receive all that love that you have scattered around you, and life will reward you, incredibly.

With the sun in a square, your rebellious side may be at odds with the discipline you need to exercise. Indeed, in the private and professional sector, if you do not want to make too many waves, you must put a brake on your impulsiveness.

Leo This Week Horoscope of Love, Luck, Health and Money | 10th to 16th May 2021

You are not in a good mood, either you got up with your left foot or you did not want to smile. When you are needed, you are absent subscribers, unease sets in. Your emotional relationships suffer, you have to pull yourself together. At the end of the week, you show yourself in a new light, you take care of the affairs of the heart, you are relaxed, and listen to others.

A week full of promises that it is up to you to make! Your hopes are taking shape, your legitimate requests for recognition open a new page in your professional book, you can expect a lot for the future! Your hierarchy has heard you unless it is your associates who are now looking at you with new eyes: your proofs are made, you just have to continue your work with this beautiful energy!

If you channel your energy into your analytical mind and get to the bottom of it, you will be able to achieve satisfactory results. In love, frankness is in the spotlight and you do everything you can to find a balance that is both sensual and intellectual in your relationship.

Money and Luck
Stay discreet all this week on your pecuniary intentions, it is time for moderation. Does your banker want to take stock of your investments and other loans? Perfect, meet him with no specific desire except to consolidate your situation without getting into more debt. Your partner would like to expand your home? Weigh the pros and cons with objectivity, money is not under a horse’s hoof! Leo Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

If you can, try to unload your schedule to ventilate yourself, cut temporarily with a hellish pace that exposes you to the sneak attacks of tiredness willing to bring you down. So think of yourself and retreat from time to time in a comfortable bubble to replenish your reserves away from the ambient noise. You will soon congratulate yourself.