Leo Weekly Horoscope 11th to 17th November 2019

Leo Weekly Horoscope 11th to 17th November 2019

With Jupiter as a friendly sign, it’s a great week where you can secure your possessions and beliefs instability, duration and security. You have control over your talents and you have opportunities to showcase them, personal success is likely. You aim higher or farther than usual and you are right!

This week for the Leo is going to be decisive because you really can’t go on like this and you’re ready to take action to make things change.virgo weekly horoscope 11th to 17th november 2019

Your partner does not stop giving you long not to give in anything you ask. Throughout this week you will try several times to talk to him. He will try to avoid you as much as possible but in the end, you will be able to expose what you want. Then do not be fooled by promises and put an ultimatum if you do not want it to happen again.

To those who live even in the family home, you may fall this week some Rapa dust because you do not get involved at all in the work of the home and you are very careless.

Those who live independently and alone, you may begin to miss living with someone especially if you have been in this situation for a long time. Maybe, someone, this week will talk to you about moving in with you, be careful because you don’t know what their intentions may be.

In the workplace you will continue your routine, no major changes are expected this week.

You have suspicions where there is no need to have them, this is not the fruit of your instinct but that of your fears … You are challenged to go beyond them to reach your goals on the side of the heart. To preach the wrong to know the truth, you risk reaping unusual reactions. Do not be surprised, you’ll only have to pick on yourself!

You should take advantage of this relatively confrontational week to retreat and prepare wisely for future strategies that will pay off. Do not seek to win because the astral situation does not support you and you could even face adversity determined to do battle.

You strengthen the foundations of your life by getting closer to the reality you neglected. Increased optimism, increased creativity, more accessible hobbies, this is the general atmosphere of this week that boosts your confidence. Do not turn away from the responsibilities you have.

Money and Luck
Your wallet is suffering! What if you stop drawing your bank card as fast as your shadow?! Look rather at the state of your finances, they speak the language! Take this week back the reins of your financial affairs before a bankruptcy settles down for good. You do not need to justify yourself to those around you, clearly assume to close the tap of your bank account!

A week a tad soft wait for you! Indeed, your go is pitiful, your energy resources low. Throw away the glove, rest to the maximum if you can, and if you have children, call for outside help! If you continue this momentum, if you remain deaf to the signs that sends you your fatigue, your body could abandon you on the spot! Who wants to go far is cleaning his mount!

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