Leo Weekly Horoscope 15th to 21st July 2019

Leo Weekly Horoscope 15th to 21st July 2019

1- Love
You are demanding with yourself and your partner. You aspire to realize the projects of your dreams. However, your ambition of perfection could be excessive and hinder the dynamics of your relationship.

You run the risk of breaking any momentum on the part of your spouse, who is afraid of not doing well or enough. Singles, you are looking for the prince or the charming princess. And that’s the problem! Your expectations are too high for someone to suit you.leo weekly horoscope 15 to 21 july 2019

2- Health
Iron Health this week, especially for people in the second and last decan! You will escape the diseases that will spread around you. You will need this to your diet at the top and your quality of sleep.

If you are a native of the first decan, it could be that you have a little sore throat. Do not panic, it should not go further. While waiting for this, do not hesitate to drink thyme infusions and to eat honey, it will boost your immune defenses.

3- Work
Difficult week to predict professionally. Folders are multiplying and you are easily overwhelmed by all this activity. Do not panic ! This overload is only transient and a good organization should allow you not to let yourself drown in the mass.

Approach and process the missions one by one to overcome the obstacle. By not attacking the mountain head on, you should be able to climb the steps safely. Next week will announce a well deserved return to calm. Courage!

4- Family and Friends
Group events are coming. This with the influence of your House XI. On the side of your family, you make the decisions that are necessary to organize holidays for example or a surprise birthday.

It’s the same in your friendly circle. Both will mix together during exceptional events. Do not try to control everything and delegate tasks if you feel tired. You must enjoy as much as others these moments of relaxation.