Leo Weekly Horoscope 15th to 21st March 2021

Check this week’s Leo horoscope for 15th to 21st March 2021, Leo, the always optimistic and luminous Sun, who always governs for the good of his people, this week enters, via Neptune, fate (destiny). One piece of advice: don’t miss the finish line, there is a danger of getting hung up on an impossible dream. Quickly take the option that your cousin Mars offers you to specify what is safe.

Your inspiration will be sublime and you can use it calmly and rhythmically at your own natural pace. That means avoiding the rush and sticking to the basics; since the basic thing will be that you pay attention to your internal perceptions because in this way your creations will be fluid and agile; and therefore very beneficial. You must keep a distance between your profession and family. you need to have time for these two areas, but without mixing them.leo weekly horoscope 15th to 21st march 2021

Leo, during the next week, the warrior Mars will make you much more active and aggressive in your profession. You will show your strength and courage by facing challenges that until very recently you thought you could not take, and you will leave everyone with their mouths open.

It will follow the trend of recent weeks in love, which will be closely related to the profession and the material. These two sectors of your life will be very important and positive and will be under the influence of Venus and Uranus, which will bring you luck and success. If you are single, you will look more for the practical side of love, someone who gives you security and social visibility, that is.

Someone who puts you in a good position in the face of others to get up positions in the social ladder and also in your profession. If you are in a relationship, your partner will be totally committed to supporting all your projects and professional goals, and you will find in her the security you need to fight for them. It will give you strength and confidence in your own possibilities and this will make you almost invincible.

Leo, do not neglect your health in this period and try to dedicate enough time to rest and recover the energy that you are leaving along the way. Even if you are not very aware of it, your daily obligations are causing you great wear and tear and you should try to regain your strength so that you do not end the week with a feeling of exhaustion. Your social life will be very intense and active during this week, and also.

It will be the source from which new business or work projects will arise that are very advantageous for you, Leo. Your social and outgoing side will be almost as important as your other skills and abilities in attracting prosperity into your life. Due to the entry of Mercury, your money planet, in the sign of Pisces, from the 15th, you will have to try harder to achieve your economic goals, although.
Leo Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

This week of March 15, the moon in harmonic aspect with your sign promotes your inner unity by granting you a tasty balance between your will and your sensitivity. In other words, you could make sparks with the opposite gender or succeed in playing the diplomatic intermediary, as you will have the art of dialogue so precious in society.

Leo This Week Horoscope of Love, Luck, Health and Money | 15th to 21st March 2021

True harmony can only be established at the cost of a franchise and a total openness on your part, this week. This positive attitude will encourage your partner to do the same. If you are in a relationship, you must engage in substantive discussions to drive away from the demons of the past. If you are single, venture out of your comfort zone: you may have some nice surprises!

If you are considering retraining, now is the time to get started. This week the opportunities are present, if your projects are targeted it is all the better. The main thing is to act by yourself while using your network, you have effective allies, you might as well take advantage of them. A small break in the middle of the week allows you to recharge the batteries, take a step back as soon as you feel the need.

You might get help from an influential entourage or go through some very pleasant situations. You are the person for the job, don’t doubt it. On the contrary, accompany this highlighting of your personality since this is how you will feel at the top of your form.

Money and Luck
Your financial journey was strewn with pitfalls, but this is only an old memory, today everything is better, and especially this week, your budget is exploding. You put all your skills to the fore to negotiate or renegotiate a salary, bonuses, and it works very well, you win your case. A great success for someone who did not necessarily believe in it. Note, a project that you had planned is born.

This sky imposes on you delays and annoyances which block your progress. It encourages you to transform your existence completely and endows you with an iron will to implement your plans, but adversity is sizeable and hardly loosens its grip. Keep your financial situation safe, secure your back and be prepared to do as little as possible.

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