Leo Weekly Horoscope 16th July to 22nd July 2018

Leo Weekly Horoscope 16th July to 22nd July 2018

Jupiter square in the natal sun induces tensions, often family, with the feeling that nothing happens as you wish. You have ambitious desires or plans, but you can not find a concrete way to access them, and that makes you impatient, irascible or even in bad faith.

Your reactions are no longer measured and you run the risk of provoking a diplomatic incident by showing you stubborn in your mistakes. Jupiter amplifies everything and here we talk about the art of living itself, the frustrations can be intense You have no choice but to discipline yourself.leo weekly horoscope 16 july to 22 july 2018

You will be more enterprising in your love life, you will not want to cheat to seduce! And indeed, you will touch by your sincerity and the spontaneity of your words, your approaches. The influence of Mars at the beginning of the week facilitates your exchanges and releases your momentum at the best moments. You will need deep intimacy, pampering, common roots with each other and deepen them. You’ll need more intimate moments this week of July 16th.

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Why Does He Want To See You In A Bikini?

Your creativity will live more easily on technical or scientific fields. It will be directly connected this week to the current state of your career because it can earn you much more than you think. Do not doubt your abilities, get started, your inspirations are good as long as you do not forget that even if you start alone, you will have to surround yourself to delegate certain tasks.

Money and Luck
Your brain energy focuses on labor and heritage issues. Your mind is more fertile than usual, you will make the most of your creative instinct, to build, create, improve your life. Your loves are dynamic and support your energy. A requirement of quality makes you overcome obstacles, it is up to you to remain diplomatic despite everything. The influx of Mars can promote unwanted runaways, be careful in your remarks.

An inner harmony settles in you, which gives you more patience and prudence in your activities. You recover better from your fatigues, you will have more muscular spring. In harmony with yourself, well-being comes to you unhindered, take advantage of it to take care of yourself, make you happy, which will renew all your psychic energies and your creativity.