Leo Weekly Horoscope 16th to 22nd November 2020

Leo Weekly Horoscope 16th to 22nd November 2020

Leo (born between July 23 and August 22): On Monday 16th, you will have the reward for all your work done previously, since fortune haunts you. It will be a fantastic day. You will believe that everything happens automatically, but you are the one who runs it.

On Tuesday the 10th, your strength, and depth will help you achieve what you want. You trust in your abilities and you are on “The crest of the wave”, therefore, your ingenuity will help you, in everything you do. On Wednesday the 18th, you will have important professional and personal meetings. Everything will move favorably if you act calmly and lovingly with all people since you have to reach agreements.leo weekly horoscope 16th to 22nd november 2020

On Thursday 19, use the pragmatism and genius that you have today since with all this you will achieve the ends you pursue and you will feel great satisfaction. On Friday the 20th, you will be able to use your creativity “To the max” and reach good agreements, in which there is a fair measure in them, and that everything is half so that they are really effective.

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On Saturday 21, you will be able to give wings to your genius, thanks to the goddess fortune who is with you. Also, your sensitivity will give you another personal profile, which will help you help more people. And on Sunday you will feel at ease and you can use your pragmatism with others. It is as if they come to you for solutions to some personal issues.

You are at a crucial moment in your life and depending on the path you decide to take, your future will change completely. Reflect but decide without fear. If things do not go as expected, remember that you will always have the opportunity to change the path, but you should think about the pros and cons now. But do not value the situation because of the fatigue you are feeling at the moment because you could be wrong. You also have to start thinking more seriously about the decision you have to make in the sentimental field because you cannot delay it any longer. It is likely that you feel jaded and do not find too many incentives. In reality, it is the whole of your situation that makes you so negative in everything. Ask your partner for a little time. Maybe he needs it too.

Leo Your Lucky Numbers for this Week
This week you could delight yourself by throwing more wood on the fire. Be careful and calm down. Your words are more scathing than you think. It will be easier for you to find a balance between activity and relaxation. You tend to be defensive and make others uncomfortable. If you are single, it may be that these days you have a lucky meeting. If you have a partner, the time has come for you to broach an uncomfortable topic with him. You will be surprised by the result! You may find that you have misjudged the situation. Your personal convictions will be strengthened, but be careful not to try to impose them on others. Keep an open mind in a discussion of ideas, especially religious ones, that will allow you to better understand the beliefs of others and share your own.

You oppose anything that represents authority for no particular reason, and this attitude does not serve your interests. In reality, you lack self-confidence and are looking for ways to resolve this problem without finding a satisfactory solution. You tend to waste the energy you have on fruitless endeavors.

You are still not set because you have not yet found the right person, the one who will meet your expectations. It is not by spending hours ruminating that your situation will change. Put away the stories that belong to the past to stay focused on one thing: your new romantic future.

The sky allows you to be successful by giving you a solid sense of negotiation to open a dialogue. You should thus pass a somewhat stormy course without too much difficulty because, to the chagrin of your opponents, the stars are watching and inspiring you at the best time to parade that gets you out of trouble every time!

Don’t be rude to others just because you are in a bad mood or you might regret it all week. You need the cooperation of those close to you so that you don’t feel alone and abandoned. It’s not a very rewarding week but you can limit the breakage if you realize your flaws.

Money and Luck
A feeling of weariness animates you. You are tired of this routine which provides you with a modest income, of course, but which is regular. You want to earn more money. This week of November 16, your need for change may be playing tricks on you! Before breaking a contract on a whim, take the time to think it over. Also, don’t listen to the promises made to you. Be pragmatic and lucid.

You have to put up with problems this week caused by those around you. This is enough to weaken your precious balance and precipitate you into a crisis of confidence or a nervous breakdown. Resist the pressures without letting yourself be overcome by stress that is sure to undermine your bases and thus compromise your chances of going the distance.