Leo Weekly Horoscope 18th to 24th January 2021

Leo Weekly Horoscope 18th to 24th January 2021

Leo (born between July 23 and August 22): On the 18th, if you use your conscience in everything you do since you already have the bases prepared for everything, it will be much easier to get your choices and decisions right that you take; always with the peace of mind. On Tuesday the 19th, you should avoid misunderstandings and disagreements with others. So take it all easier; you already know that everyone has “His reason for him.”

On Wednesday the 20th, you can plan all your deals. And with an open mind towards others, everything will turn out great. It will be advisable that you use your joviality so that they welcome your ideas. On Thursday 21st, you will have to plan all the marital affairs with the other members involved. So everything will be resolved satisfactorily and without doubts of any aspect.leo weekly horoscope 18th to 24th january 2021

On Friday 22nd, take advantage of the vitality of your interior, for which the tempo does not pass and you will feel like when you were younger. With that enthusiasm, everything you undertake will be favorable. On Saturday 23rd, it will be a very beneficial day because you flow in harmony with the environment, and this makes you direct your steps precisely and in the right measure. And on Sunday 24th, you will notice with great joy that your initiatives are welcomed by all those who accompany you in your life. And this will make you feel very full and satisfied.

This is a week in which unexpected events, the twists that shake us to invite us to renew and transform what is already obsolete in our world, awaken. So get ready because between now and August, your road to success implies that you think differently, that you take risks and that you write your own rules, and that you completely forget about ‘what will they say’.

Uranus can bring unexpected news and encounters that come to put an order in all those resources that you share with your partner or ex-partner (money, time, efforts, attention). To achieve the transformation you want, you must take the risk of being vulnerable, because only then can you achieve the level of intimacy that is required to move to the next stage.

As you can see, it is a week of changes and renewal, so we cannot stop talking about your history as a couple and your love situation. Because the week promises talks, news, and the arrival of information that changes your plans altogether, or that accelerates an important decision. A relevant man from the past may appear to probe how willing you are to relive what was pending.

Leo Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

To satisfy your legitimate desires, this week open up to powerful but less aggressive communication. Your official steps will not be easy and could even get bogged down because of your bad faith or your relational impetuosity. Your rights must agree with those of others, do not raise your voice to be heard.

Let enthusiasm overwhelm you and joy rule your thoughts. You want everything and you are right! This heaven invites you to expand your relationship, to maintain your usual circles, and to seek your alter ego. The couples are building castles in Spain and looking together in the same direction.

Don’t wait to show off your many skills and have your talents recognized. You are well placed in the race for rewards and we can bet that they will not belong in coming. So do not waste your energy and organize yourself to preserve the breaks essential to the pursuit of your meteoric progress.

Relax, this is essential. Let go of this desire to control everything and especially others, you put yourself in difficulty without noticing it. A favor for this week the cool attitude, the zen, no need to rush in stretchers, this method would be a masterful flop! Do you know about non-verbal communication? Open your field of consciousness!

Money and Luck
At the beginning of the week a stroke of luck is possible if you are a player, try your luck without going overboard. This great development on the financial level gives you balm in the heart. It’s been a while since your accounts have been recovering, this week they are on the rise. If you keep the same pace, you say goodbye to money problems for a while.

In this unstable situation, you advance cautiously but efficiently if you think about protecting yourself and anticipating the tensions due to a somewhat stormy planetary context. The sky is subjecting you to twists and turns that exacerbate your fatigue and strain your nerves. Stress is looming over you and you would be well inspired to get away from it all as soon as possible.

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