Leo Weekly Horoscope 1st to 7th July 2019

Leo Weekly Horoscope 1st to 7th July 2019

Mercury at home is the promise of a routine that lights up, mobility comes back in your life in various aspects: you will have many opportunities to move, you will be able to easily meet people, you express freely by being listened to and understood. You will be particularly skilled, whether it is DIY or complicated reasoning.

Motivation and ambition are the main qualities that you will put forward throughout this week. When in your loves everything rolls on wheels you do not touch ground, you are in a good mood, all your loved ones take advantage. You are perfectly serene, your loves rise in power only because you are confident. Always believe it is your leitmotif, at the end of the week you reach a peak.leo weekly horoscope 1st to 7th july 2019

No doubt you will succeed brilliantly because the sky inspires you ideas and action plans ingenious. You probably have to worry more about the financial aspect of your businesses and must probably wait (impatiently) for authorizations or financings that are late. Fortunately, confused situations will be broken down.

With the entrance of Mercury in your sign, it is the promise of a boosted intellect for a few weeks, between lively discussions, ideas adopted by all or massive rejection at other times. In any case, nothing tepid in your exchanges and your travels. All this boiling is on the other hand exciting and leads to real changes of substance in the future.

Money and Luck
Saving does not necessarily rhyme with tightening your belt! Respect your needs without exaggerating them in order to keep your life happy and learn to save with naturalness and ease. This week of July 1st do a test: do you force to save, are you frustrated or do you feel well? With this personal statement, it will be up to you to readjust your finances with the rigor that you are able to impose!

Remove tensions, do not keep the negative, this is your way of thinking. The week looks good, both psychologically and physically. Exchanges are beneficial, you attract others with your good cheerfulness and your cheerful face. We might ask you if you have a miracle formula, but you do not have one. You are simply a balanced and optimistic person.