Leo Weekly Horoscope 1st May to 7th May 2017

Leo Weekly Horoscope Predictions 1st May to 7th May 2017

The Leo will see their week marred due to ongoing couple discussions. The constant intervention of third parties in your relationship is causing your partner to distance you. He or she is right, people who interfere all the time in the couple belong to your inner circle and it is you who must put them in their place. You have already made the same mistake in the past and you have not done well. The stars advise you to reflect because otherwise you will lose someone with whom you could become very happy.

In the economic and financial field, the people of this sign will live a complicated week. Your economic activity is going through a crisis and you have worked tirelessly over the past few months trying to find a solution. The problem is that you are so immersed in your financial difficulties that you can not find a way out of difficulties. The stars advise you to take a distance, stay away from the problems for a few days and the solution you need will come to your mind.

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In the labor field the natives of this sign will live a very good week. During the last few week there have been some changes in the hierarchical floor of your workplace. You put your best effort but you could not fully understand the way your new boss works. However, this week both will have the opportunity to talk in a more relaxed atmosphere and this way you will begin to understand it a little more.

In the field of health, people of this sign should be more attentive with the signals sent to them by their organism. You do not like going to the doctor and for this reason you have extended a review that you should have done a long time ago. Over the next few days, your body will give you an ultimatum and you will have no choice but to see the doctor.

Leo, life is worth more than all the gold in the world, for the many riches you accumulate will not help you to buy your happiness or that of those around you.

You dedicate all your time and energy to improve in your work environment, but even if you are leaving in this battle the whole skin, you are realizing that what you are winning is not filling you, you are not satisfied with the results. Without realizing you have left aside your family and friends, you have not spent the minimum time to share with them your challenges and triumphs, so, now you feel alone and feel like your successes do not have the value you wanted so much.

You are still in time to rectify and reconnect with them, look for the moment to gather them all and make them share your feelings, they will value you and you will feel as everything takes a new dimension in your life.

For the Leo that you are looking for the love the stars indicate that it is not the most appropriate moment to find it, your stress and your tensions would not leave you the necessary time to devote all the necessary time that needs to start a new relation. Take advantage of the little time left for you to share with your friends and live new experiences that will serve you in the near future.

For those who are sharing your life with someone, be careful what you say, learn to count to ten before speaking, remember that you will be the owner of your silences and slave of your words.

In the labor and economic field moves in the extremes, will go very well for some and for others the thing will go very bad, no middle terms. As much for the one as for the others, prudence, that things do not always last, and life is capricious, at any moment the situation can change from one day to another.
In this week the Leo will flow with great plenitude, mainly in the field of studies and the trips. Take advantage to take exams, luck will accompany you at all times.

Possibly, establish romances with someone from abroad, do not deprive yourself of enjoying it. Even with its obstacles, it will be a beautiful and intense relationship. The location of Saturn in the sign of Aquarius will greatly annoy the brilliant Lions, who must accept their personal limitations.

If they do not, they will be severely judged by others. Pay special attention and care in their relationships with partners and partners, they will demand a little more responsibility and constancy in their decisions. Do not cling to impossible dreams and enjoy the opportunities that reality offers you.

If they insist on being the center of attention, they will feel rejected and with great frustrations that will hurt the always vulnerable Leo pride. During the first fortnight of the week the natives will see how, in the most unexpected way, their personal resources will be favored by inheritances or legacies. This is an ideal time to do business with your spouse or business partners.

From 16, the location of Mercury in Aries will help them establish important contacts with people from abroad. Put all your creative capacity at the service of your work. Your proposals will be better received than you imagine.

It is very important that Lions do not neglect the needs of their family. It is a propitious moment to bring to light conflicts never manifested. The links in your home will undergo profound transformations that will allow you to finally overcome old obstacles. At this time the Leo must act with great caution, since it will not be so easy to conquer and seduce the others. If they do not register the complaints of their relatives they will feel very alone and criticized. Understand that others are also in need of your help.