Leo Weekly Horoscope 1st to 7th March 2021

Leo Weekly Horoscope 1st to 7th March 2021

Under the lunar influence, your apparent shyness gives way to overflowing sociability and a beautiful sensuality. This promises you to experience rare and privileged moments with your partner and to maintain excellent exchanges with those around you. The warm atmosphere that reigns around you blooms you from all points of view. Enjoy it!

Heaven allows you to obtain, through its diplomatic arrangements, the answers you expect. Its beneficial influence invites you to favor dialogue and your open-mindedness works wonders for relieving tensions and reconciling you with those around you. You can understand and better negotiate the bends.leo weekly horoscope 1st to 7th march 2021

The tensions of the last few weeks will give way to a rapprochement with your partner this week. You will want to share moments of tenderness and complicity. You will be keen to pamper your loved one and it will be reciprocal! Savor: your couple really needs it! Single, after a period of love disappointments and withdrawal into yourself, you will finally decide to go back in search of a beautiful meeting and more if affinities. The watchword will be to profit without pressure.

A professional half-fig, half-grape week! Between growing fatigue and a mass of additional work incumbent on you, your morale could undergo some fluctuations, fortunately not serious. However, work hard, dare to showcase yourself, and invest yourself as required by your hierarchy, your boss proves his confidence in you by loading you with work, finally, it’s not so bad, is not it?

The moon strengthens your sociability, your adaptability and makes you quick to seize the opportunities that present themselves to form rewarding relationships. The week is placed under the sign of communication. If your job depends on it, now is a perfect time to showcase your public speaking skills and expose new ideas and concepts.

Money and Luck
It is a somewhat complex week in March from a financial point of view, you are faced with difficulties which have been going on for a while now, the consequence of uncontrolled spending. By staying the course, you are gradually heading for better days except that it takes perseverance and patience. You have only one goal, to get your accounts afloat. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and advice. Leo Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

Have you received a sum of money recently? Now is the perfect time to save. The orientation of your House II indicates favorable financial events. The only brief urges to consume immediately will manifest themselves. But this will not last. You will eventually reason with yourself by focusing on long-term benefits. This astral atmosphere can also translate in your professional life by an increase, a bonus, or a salary contribution.

Family and Friends
It had disappeared from radar, but it is finally back on the screen of your neurons. You never really got to forget that childhood friend. In turn a partner of giggles and wild evenings, he had such a special place in your life that no one could and knew how to replace him. However, sending a message this week was enough to make everything start again as if these five years of cut had never existed. For sure, you will make up for a lost time while sharing a lot of things.

Your emotions are strained. It’s up to you to master them without leaving all your energy there, so as not to flex and to end the week in good shape. You have every interest in channeling your strengths so that they serve your words and your projects rather than hinder your discussions which are going a little in circles these days.

This week, you will be in shape! The Sun will give you a lot of vitality and tone, even more, if you are of Leo ascendant. Thanks to it, a good diet, and a regulated sleep rhythm, you will succeed in avoiding all the diseases present in your surroundings at the moment. On the mental side: since you have a lot of energy to spend, why not try a new sport? This would free you from any tensions and allow you to lose those little pounds that you feel you have extra.

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