Leo Weekly Horoscope 20th August to 26th August 2018

Leo Weekly Horoscope 20th August to 26th August 2018

This week of August 20, you tend to demand too much of life and you easily fall into the excesses of all kinds: food, expenses. You seek to attract attention, you tend to brag, to make a lot of noise, to challenge authority. You take undue emotional or financial risks through overconfidence and optimism.

You have too much energy during this transit and you tend to waste it on unrealistic, disproportionate projects. If you make an effort to discipline yourself, you can take advantage of this energy. You are lacking in discernment at the moment, but if you can keep control, this is a good time to understand where you are.leo weekly horoscope 20 to 26th august 2018

This week will be favorable to reconciliations, whether with your own values, with your partner or through a new meeting. If you are single, the chance is there, the meetings are strong in emotions and change a lot of your habits. Pleasures of all kinds that occur in your life can be a dead end to your ambitions. Your more acute sensibility than usual may cost you unnecessary suffering, remain measured in your judgments.

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This week will increase your power in your professional life. You will have positive impulses to surpass yourself, and to find new horizons. You can put all the chances on your side Thursday and Friday, do not hesitate to create alliances; after that, you will be launched in a cycle of continuity, in which you will have to make a sustained effort in the long term to consolidate your situation and pursue towards your objectives.

Money and Luck
Circumstances demand your skills and you will have the facilities to implement them, to express them fully, even more than usual, to arrive at a true financial stability. The impulses of Mars and Venus will galvanize your creativity. Your employees and customers will ask you more about points of detail that are not yet familiar to you. The study and reflection will bring financial luck this week.

Nothing will stop your vitality this week or your psychic form. Your attachment to your deep values and their symbiosis with external events stabilize your form. You are at a peak that is perfectly ideal for enjoying the pleasures of life. Be careful to protect yourself especially from the cold and excess of sweets, despite everything.