Leo Weekly Horoscope 20th to 26th June 2022

This week of June 20, you radiate with your words and your newfound self-confidence! What a delight to savor rich and easy exchanges with your interlocutors, whether they are within your professional sphere or more intimate. Forget your misunderstandings of the past, with favorable Mercury you are listened to and respected in your ideas and your intentions.

You can breathe this week! Your relationship problems are a thing of the past, the way is now free to succeed in what you do with others. Pay attention to ultra-dynamic energy, prone to excess. To you the constructive discussions, the postman could even bring you excellent news.


An excess of sensitivity, something unusual for you, Leo, can play tricks on you this week in many ways. Any small problem that you have to face will be seen as an insurmountable wall. And so it will be, because it will be difficult for you to find the right exit, precisely because your state of mind will put a blindfold on you.

You can have a financial bump, as it happens to everyone, but for you it will now become a quagmire. It will not be a few days to make decisions, not even the minor ones, wait until you are calmer and you will see things more objectively. Because of this emotional state, you may have sentimental problems, but in this case it is that perhaps you have not yet found the right person.

In order not to feel disappointed, you should look for more spiritual people, they will fulfill you more and make you discover a different world. It’s a good week for you, even if you seriously doubt it. Lift your spirits and wait calmly for the storm to pass.

You’ll be in touch with a lot of new people this week, Leo, as Mercury moves into your 11th house. You may be networking or planning group activities with your friends. On the other hand, you may feel excited about your future hopes and dreams, but find it difficult to stay grounded in the present moment. With the Full Moon in your fifth house, you may be leaning toward enlightened hobbies, or you may be feeling confident in your creativity and self-expression. A flurry of dating or social activities may appear.

This sky does everything in its power to magnify your aura and increase your influence over others. This is not the time to hide or retire, but to show yourself, with all your qualities and all your talents. Encounters and love at first sight are on the program, conducive to the exaltation of the senses, to sentimental effervescence.

Get fired up for costly but totally assumed expenses! Indeed this week your wallet is a pleasure to see, your bank account has never been so good! Your protected financial situation could make some people envious in your professional or friendly circles, don’t do anything about it, know how to measure your success with tact and finesse in order to maintain harmonious relations, not everyone has your luck!

What energy! You are ready to snatch, willingly or by force, what is rightfully yours! In the event of a territorial conflict that is too painful, do not be afraid to give up a little ground to, deep in your den, prepare your future prowess which, shortly, will allow you to regain the advantage over your opponents, surprise guarantee !

This generous sky promotes your development, it helps you defend your cause and makes you endearing. This context carries your ambitions but it also asks you for guarantees. It puts you in the best position in the world to play to your many assets. You are overflowing with skill and you transform the tries brilliantly.