Leo Weekly Horoscope 21st to 27th September 2020

Leo Weekly Horoscope 21st to 27th September 2020

Even if everything goes against you and you are the only one who trusts in your abilities, do not back down. Take pride in everything you’ve done so far, and don’t feel bad or sad if the people around you at work don’t value you enough.

You will go through moments of weakness, it is normal Leo. The support of your partner will be essential these days. If you do not have a partner, your closest environment will understand you and will know how to encourage you in these difficult days.leo weekly horoscope 21st to 27th september 2020

The Sun, ruler of Leo, will make opposition to Chiron this week. Some old wounds can come out, deep wounds, the kind that we sometimes flee from, or those that we deny. Be attentive to how you are feeling, especially in the area of love and relationships, since the new moon in Libra can put a light in that area of life.

On the other hand, the entry of the Sun into a cardinal sign brings movement. There are calls, events, and it’s hard to set limits. Ask for help, even if it costs. If you decide to make a major change, it is better to reflect than to regret it. Maintain order and, if possible, mental silence.

One tip: Watch your diet and, above all, don’t overdo it. Eat a healthy diet for a couple of days and you will see how you will feel better.

Your excellent spirit of initiative is helping you lift mountains this week of September 21. You can be counted on to effectively advance businesses that have been stuck for a while. You are determined, combative and you respond to the call of your instincts without the slightest hesitation, but that does not prevent you from being loyal or acting for the good of all.

You are very creative in your exchanges. It’s a good time to get started on a project together, change your path, or spread your wings, and have a fulfilling relationship. You take full advantage of excellent arrangements for improving your relationship, meeting new people, or taking an interest in other cultures. Make way for novelty and discovery!

Don’t wait to have your talents recognized. You are well placed in the race for rewards which will soon be. Prepare to live a superb week, the sky is emphasizing your projects and you can no longer keep still, it invites you to learn from what you have accomplished, as well as from your failures. Meditate on your strengths and weaknesses!

Summarize your desires and start taking action to achieve as many things as possible, you may be amazed at how easily you manage to combine willpower and resourcefulness. Use whatever qualities you have to improve your daily life and envision a bright future. You can give a positive impetus to all your businesses.

Money and Luck
Once the inevitable expenses are paid, you can continue to use your credit card, this week you are pleasantly surprised by the good health of your bank accounts. After pulling the belt, you can finally afford to spend as you please and it feels good! However, you’ve learned to be reasonable, so you keep a keen eye. Leo Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

Living up to the heavenly promises, your energy is inexhaustible and you hardly hold still. No need to try to reason with you or invite you to measure. You listen to no one, except your will which pushes you to take power more than to the reasonable management of your energies. You are in the lead.

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