Leo Weekly Horoscope 24th to 30th September 2018

Leo Weekly Horoscope 24th to 30th September 2018

The sun in sextile is beneficial to you because it intervenes at the right moment, you can leave your lethargy smoothly and in new but exciting friendships. It’s a great transit to strengthen your finances by innovating in your daily work, exchanging unusual ideas with new people or using your intuition in your various investments.

You feel the stability of all that is acquired and this feeling brings you relaxation and good mood. The relationships established during this period are likely to last and your exchanges with the hierarchy will probably be very rewarding. Only your whimsical character could make you miss this laborious but constructive atmosphere, think about it!

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Avoid inaction at all costs this week. An ascension path opens to you in the sentimental domain. Indeed, you are starting a new cycle, which will allow you to renew your relationship with a completely new breath, if that is your situation. You will have many opportunities for change, and these will be synonymous with a new start for a long course of Love. New encounters take you off the beaten path, there are discoveries in sight.

You will be pushed to make great progress in your professional life this week of September 24th. Indeed, the impulses of the Sun, your master planet, allied to those of Mars favor your efforts and your need for action. You will not be lacking in inspiration when it comes to buying time, trying to bridge some of the gaps. If you have a relational job, the chance is with you to close sales, complete negotiations.

Money and Luck
You can count on your creativity to increase your cash flow. While taking your time, at your own pace, your ideas will bring positive opportunities. Audacity measured in the context of your actions supports you materially, in the long term. You will have a greater courage that will allow you to clean up situations that are too troublesome. Changing the way of life at the material level becomes much more affordable.

At the muscular vitality level, it is a beautiful energy that promises to be in perspective! You manage your energy sparingly while knowing how to fully mobilize when needed. Your form will be at its best. You are gaining energy compared to last week. Avoid violent sports, which mobilize your lumbar. You will have the means to live emotionally strong feelings. You benefit from influxes of Venus that will train your psychic potential.