Leo Weekly Horoscope 26th April to 2nd May 2021

Leo (born between July 23 and August 22): On the 26th, use your temperance and your great way to generate new and special ideas. Because thanks to all this, you will see how it is easier for your issues to be resolved calmly and more calmly.

On Tuesday the 27th, you need to calm your spirit, both on a personal level and a fighting level. Since sometimes it is better not to force anything and let everything follow its natural path Putting the serenity that you carry in your blood today. On Wednesday 28th, you need to distance yourself from your quick actions and stop the engine a bit. Because otherwise, life will force you to stop. It is good to calm down and do everything more calmly.leo weekly horoscope 26th april to 2nd may 2021

On Thursday the 29th, your vital force is incredible and it also provides you with the keys you need directly so that everything you put in place is fruitful. On Friday the 30th, the main thing will be that you will notice that today everyone will want to be around you and you will occupy a large part of the attention of others.

On Saturday the 1st, patience and your great strategy will do the honors so that everything you want to do is beneficial and enjoyable. Your originality and genius are the keys to everything you do. On Sunday 2nd, pay close attention because you are very visible to everyone else, so use your way of being practical and calm and everything will be a paradise.

With this moon, you show great rigidity of heart and mind. In the private sphere, your words may overtake your thoughts and cause some skirmishes. You will be criticized for being too critical, too demanding, and not expressing your feelings. It is therefore not the right time to plan a one-to-one dinner at home, the atmosphere is too austere.

The Moon will pass through Leo this week bringing more creativity and light, and more relaxation and play. They will be creative and eager to do new things. They can sign up for a new online quick course, or dare to create art. Good opportunity to meet new couples, virtually with a lot of dialogue, or to refresh the current couple with shared activities. Take time to look and renew yourself.

Leo This Week Horoscope of Love, Luck, Health and Money | 26th April to 2nd May 2021

You do not always follow the rules even if you are aware that some decisions are made by two people. Except that this time, it is your other half who is making plans without having spoken to you beforehand, tensions appear, there is a storm in the air. During the next 7 days some turmoil will invite itself in your romantic relationships, do not wait for small miracles, it is not for now.

You are full of energy, your dynamism is surprising. You gain height, except that you should not fly too quickly towards presumptuous goals. Take advantage of your good intuitions to conclude new business, whatever the case, we follow you, your ideas seduce those around you. If you set up on your own, measure the risks before you start, even if the period is favorable.

This agitated atmosphere destabilizes you. Everything seems to you going too fast and in all directions. You have the feeling that you are no longer in control. You cannot concentrate or adapt to this climate. This causes you a good dose of stress and dissatisfaction but, do not panic, everything will quickly return to order!

Money and Luck
Your finances are not in great shape, your banker might call you to order before you have had time to come forward on your own. To avoid possible difficulties, aim further by starting to make real savings (investments, investments …). You can no longer put your financial health at risk. Fortunately, you have good ideas, you apply the D system. Leo Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

You find it hard to cope with the stress that upsets your balance. You fear insecurity but you must accept being a little rushed without imagining imminent misfortune. Immediately give up restlessness and temporarily retreat into the shadows to refine your plans and reappear, master of the situation, as soon as the storm passes.

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