Leo Weekly Horoscope 26th October to 1st November 2020

Leo Weekly Horoscope 26th October to 1st November 2020

If you have a clear idea about how you can improve your life, don’t wait any longer to put it into practice, although also be aware of the decisions you make and their consequences. If after this you still think that there is a way to follow that compensates you, do not waste your time. In business, you are trying to achieve something that may not turn out as well as you hope. You could lose money on it. Usually, things always come out round but count on that not absolutely all will be successful. There is a risk and you have to take it. Don’t be too ambitious. On a sentimental level, try by all means that third parties do not interfere in your relationship with your partner or between you and this person you have met and who makes you “dick”. They could spoil everything.

Lately, you have realized that both you and the life path you have chosen are changing. This isn’t always easy because sometimes it means saying goodbye to parts of yourself that you quite like. A better situation awaits you at work if you are patient enough to allow it to happen. Your energy is positive and optimistic, so you will feel excited about anything. Do not hesitate to transmit it around you. You will enjoy meeting new people, especially at social events. People will recognize the value of your talent, but also your personality. Luck is on your side. You will also feel very comfortable in the company of someone.leo weekly horoscope 26th october to 1st november 2020

The Sun, the ruler of Leo, continues in the deep Scorpio bringing light to internal basements where there is valuable information about yourself and also about your lineages. Times of reflection and changes, they will be creative and intuitive. The need to empower themselves, to say what they think, not to keep quiet about anything, and to do a kind of cleaning of people who only occupy a physical place but do not contribute anything. The pagan celebration of All Hallow’s Eve (Halloween) added to the new moon in Scorpio uncovers great regenerative energy.

Leo Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

Do not expect to take advantage of interesting opportunities, you seriously lack the lucidity to make sensible decisions this last week of October. Postpone decisive appointments that would require you to be explicit. Your lack of clarity could get you into avoidable trouble. Your mind is in turmoil and this makes you feverish, you will have to find a way to vent your bad mood discreetly.

The effective sector could prevent you from relaxing or even induce a slight depression. Your feelings may not be in tune with those of your life partner or the person you covet, making you feel very uncomfortable. You feel neglected, bad about yourself and your inner light has darkened. Let it go, accept this setting aside from your sentimental life, there is nothing you can do about it for the moment!

Unexpected encouragement from your colleagues or your team leader invites you to challenge yourself all week! Yet you have not changed your work or your pace but we look at you more than before, we advise you, we listen to you, we consider you. Admit that it is very pleasant to feel valued even if you hadn’t expected such reactions from those around you. Keep up the momentum, you like it!

Don’t get caught up in the stressful atmosphere, it won’t last and you don’t have to be concerned about other people’s conversations. Do not think about the past and focus on the future, there is no point in having verbal quarrels that will get you nowhere. Wait until you can organize your thinking positively.

Money and Luck
It will be hard this week to review all of your material desires and yet it is necessary, even urgent, to do so. Whether your temper is overdone or not, you need to rebalance your financial sector which is in a difficult position at the moment. Stick to essential expenses, refuse those which are not and forget the gifts to those around you, it is really not your priority!

Since when have you not had a checkup? It might be appropriate to schedule one this week, your whole body and mind are sending you messages of fatigue and low morale. Your vitality is low, are you getting enough sleep? Take a course of vitamins, vegetables, fruits, your body cries out for fatigue or even exhaustion. Have you thought about planning a few days just for yourself?

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