Leo Weekly Horoscope 28th June to 4th July 2021

Leo (born between July 23 and August 22): On the 28th of July, you will notice that everything you do must be reasoned to prevent your challenges from overwhelming you and not allowing you to balance your financial and corporate affairs. So be patient and serenity.

On Tuesday 29th June, the most important thing on this day will be to organize a meeting to discuss important issues that need the consensus of close people. Everything will be favorable if you have the calm and the genius to let others speak first.leo weekly horoscope for 28th june to 4th july 2021

On Wednesday 30th June, you need to learn today what the middle ground is to be able to relate and communicate your thoughts, and at the same time, everything flows properly; especially with close people and with relatives.

Thursday the 1st of July, today is a day for you to use all your abilities and your genius in monetary and business matters that have been waiting for you for a long time. You will be able to connect easily and see what the solution is. This will make you feel very happy.

On Friday the 2nd July, today you have great vitality and a lot of ingenuity to deal with matters in which you require quick ideas and a happy atmosphere. Keep in mind, however, that the most important thing is sympathy and kindness; apart from the courteous treatment.

Saturday the 3rd July will be a very productive day because fortune smiles on you and also the great creativity and ingenuity latent within you will be abundant and very neat, today. So go ahead with it. So enjoy. Sunday the 4th of July is a day to take care of your health and rest to the fullest. Relaxing and enjoying life are important.

You may have been a little bored in recent weeks, but the entry of Venus, the beneficial one, into your sign will bring you a big breath of fresh air. Luck is waiting for you for several weeks, your eccentricities will be much better perceived because they will be “trendy”.

Leo This Week Horoscope of Love, Luck, Health and Money | 28th June to 4th July 2021

This week of June 28, you are totally reassured about the evolution of your romantic relationship. Confidence for confidence, you carry the colors of love high. You feel invested in new responsibilities. You will need to make a commitment and plan for the long term. You are finally ready to forget the past, you move on. No more regrets, nostalgia, you look to the future. You are fulfilled.

This generous sky favors your evolution, it helps you defend your cause and makes you endearing. This context supports your ambitions but it also asks you for guarantees. It puts you in the best position in the world to play to your many strengths. You are overflowing with skill and you transform the trials brilliantly.

It’s a great time to make new friends (and more if you like!) But also to invest sensibly in new business. Despite everything, there is still a difficult aspect with this planet that exaggerates everything. So be careful in your favorites, in your diet, and your spending.

Money and Luck
Some difficulties in your finances are still slowing down your expansion and your zest for life, you must take them to the body and fix them! Your casual past actions are responsible for these surmountable but stubborn worries if you don’t take them into account this week. Concentrate your forces on your material, concrete life and forget for the moment lightness and fun, this time will come later. Leo Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

You have to face the demands of your relationships then, save your strength in anticipation of a fundamental work to be carried out without possible escape and concentrate on the essentials (getting back in shape, better management of time and stress). Heaven offers you great possibilities for expansion, for romantic and social expressions. Enjoy it!

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