Leo Weekly Horoscope 28th October to 3rd November 2019

Leo Weekly Horoscope 28th October to 3rd November 2019

You will no doubt now need to work in pairs to move forward. So you could really invest in a team, but only because you think that’s how you can win.

Be especially careful when it comes to budget and investment: when Venus in Scorpio looks down on you, money issues sometimes take center stage. Demonstrate increased diplomacy to solve problems of delicate collaboration. Do not block negotiations and avoid the spirit of contradiction!leo weekly horoscope 28th october to 3rd november 2019

Always a small risk of warming up on the feeling side (2nd decan). You are not in a good mood and you may be having a little revenge. Venus in Scorpion can easily turn a vexation into a bug fix. Pass quickly over all this, take the path of wisdom and let time do its duty (so that past grievances end up falling into oblivion)!

The entrance of the sun square sign for you the arrival of the off-season: you go out less, you care more about your loved ones and your interior and, overall, you suffer little conflict and wrestling who will surround you in the coming weeks.

The calm of your partner gives rise to doubts in you … Do not forget that these are only the reflection of your fears and not the reality. Give yourself time for your love life! Do not limit yourself to appearances to judge the quality of your relationship. Remember that differences are sources of enrichment.

Couples: The moment promises to be a determining factor for many of you. If problems arise in your relationship, you will not be able to pretend to ignore everything and continue as if nothing had happened! You will be likely to find acceptable solutions with your spouse or partner.

Singles: Be on your guard! Do not believe in the great oaths of the love of a person who is very attractive but not sincere. Also, show more tolerance towards your partners; but do not idealize them either!

Your motivation will be formidable throughout this week of October 28th! You are hyper-involved, efficient and determined to take down a lot of work from a perspective of recognition of your hierarchy or your partner. This quest can be dangerous, others may not be willing to give you what you hope for even legitimately. Professional life requires knowing how to give the best of oneself without always waiting for a return!

You will not feel much concerned and many of you will even take advantage of these circumstances to pull the blanket at them. Your opportunism can pay off if you take the time to analyze the situations. This sun promises daily rather peaceful and unsurprising.

Good physical resistance. On one side, the area will be empty of planets, which will protect you from problems. On the other hand, Mars, the star of energy, will support you very effectively, earning you an excellent physical tone and raising morale. You will feel better about yourself if you are moving, traveling or playing sports. Do not hesitate to embark on a stimulating activity.

Money and Luck
The situation is getting better, but it is not completely satisfactory. So it’s not a good time to start making changes that would cost you a lot of money. Contrary to what you believe, your financial means are not sufficient to cope with significant expenses. Although you find this unfair, calm your impatience, as it will cause you to make regrettable mistakes.

This global climate should allow you to improve your financial situation. But at the same time, you will probably have a lot of expenses to do for the house. Make your accounts carefully so as not to fall into the red.

Stay measured on the junk-food and other unbalanced diets, this week your body will not give you any gifts! You could even experience a serious decline in vitality as your body feels congested or even tired. Have you been in excess lately? Anyway, take back in hand your daily habits even to remove some of them to valorize d% u2018other. Will you be able to make the right choices?

A little agitation in your work. Mars will inspire you to act effectively, and Mercury will inspire you to demonstrate an excellent sense of adaptation and come up with great ideas.

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