Leo Weekly Horoscope 29th April to 5th May 2019

Leo Weekly Horoscope 29th April to 5th May 2019

You may have struggled with the excitement and casualness of recent times. The arrival of Mercury as a friend sign brings you a period of intellectual tranquility. The atmosphere is conducive to reflection, the exchanges are fewer but deeper and more sustainable.

In love, you think too much! As a result, you are unable to make choices or make the right decisions. The first thing to do is to relativize the situation and then install some distance from the events. Nothing is ever lost, you just have to give time. The advice of a trusted person helps you to see things more clearly. The climate is favorable to reconciliations.leo weekly horoscope 29th april to 5th may 2019

This last week of April invites you to share and complicity and you should not under any circumstances try to double your partners, on pain of instantaneous feedback! Focus on long-term projects, solid constructions and carefully crafted. The sky directs you to a precise and patient definition of your future and excludes all fantasy.

If you have major problems to manage elsewhere, this transit will help you a lot. It is a positive transit that strengthens your energy, keeps you healthy, motivates you to work more concretely your aspirations, your projects, your ambitions and offers you a more serene relationship.

Money and Luck
It would be advisable for you to restore balance to your bank account! Your income does not have the time to say that they are sold at high speed! That your money is used to live well is not the problem but do you live serenely dig so your discovery authorized? A touch of moderation would ease your balance and your sleep at the same time! Slow down your expenses and it will be better.

You constantly come up against walls in your relationships and you are weary of the challenges you are constantly being forced to face. You feel stuck, slowed down in your initiatives and you despair to see a possible outcome to your various problems and varied. Do not lose heart, the sky will calm down and let you breathe a little.

By Mary Emma

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