Leo Weekly Horoscope 29th May to 4th June 2017

Leo Weekly Zodiac Horoscope Predictions 29th May to 4th June 2017

Leo, life is worth more than all the gold in the world, for the many riches you accumulate will not help you to buy your happiness or that of those around you.

You dedicate all your time and energy to improve in your work environment, but even if you are leaving in this battle the whole skin, you are realizing that what you are winning is not filling you, you are not satisfied with the results. Without realizing you have left aside your family and friends, you have not spent the minimum time to share with them your challenges and triumphs, so, now you feel alone and feel like your successes do not have the value you wanted so much.

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You are still in time to rectify and reconnect with them, look for the moment to gather them all and make them share your feelings, they will value you and you will feel as everything takes a new dimension in your life.

For the Leo that you are looking for the love the stars indicate that it is not the most appropriate moment to find it, your stress and your tensions would not leave you the necessary time to devote all the necessary time that needs to start a new relation. Take advantage of the little time left for you to share with your friends and live new experiences that will serve you in the near future.

For those who are sharing your life with someone, be careful what you say, learn to count to ten before speaking, remember that you will be the owner of your silences and slave of your words.

In the labor and economic field moves in the extremes, will go very well for some and for others the thing will go very bad, no middle terms. As much for the one as for the others, prudence, that things do not always last, and life is capricious, at any moment the situation can change from one day to another.

Strike a balance between material and spiritual. Beware of your excessive attachment to work, this and your relationship with money can bring problems in the affective realm. Learn to live the present, do not be carried away by vain fantasies. Live to fructify and grow. Get rid of sensitivities. It will have to change its character and discard all the conflictive situations that cause imbalances in the work space. The work will be hard, especially if you try to obey the requirements and desires of all, in this case it will be practically impossible, so try to set priorities. Success in original business, full creativity, new ideas and new partners.

Love: Good disposition with Capricorn, terror with Gemini, great communication with Taurus, incomprehension with Aquarius and love, much love with Sagittarius. Tendency to meet with friends and make a full social life, take advantage of this vital moment for reunions and parties. Calmness is established in the lives of married couples and with it the possibility of strengthening ties long abandoned, may be relatives or friends away, but care will not count on the support of their partner, who will make numerous reproaches. This misunderstanding will be because of the emotional instability and the strong state of melancholy in which he will be immersed, which will lead to numerous conflicts in his sentimental life. Close encounter with the past, you will not be surprised to think and feel different than at that time. Very positive for your emotions.

Dismiss social mandates and run after your true dreams, with your forehead high, without losing your inner peace and in the confidence of being yourself. The art of being happy is within your reach, if you know how to love, if you become the source of unconditional love for yours and others, happiness will enter your home at that same moment when you understand that every source of happiness comes Of love, the rest always comes to those who deserve it. Forget your whims and obsessions. Try to focus your mind on your great creativity and stop criticizing your neighbor, lose too much energy and valuable time in it. Vital health is achieved with daily happiness.

There will be great leaps forward for Leo in the next week. For a while you are locked in yourself and you do not allow yourself the possibility of being happy with someone. You have suffered in the past a great disappointment of love and that is why you act like this, you do not want to be hurt again. Your relationships are based on occasional sexual encounters with people you are sure to never fall in love with. However, this week someone will appear in your life that will make you want to take risks again.

In the economic and financial field, people of this sign will live a week in which to abandon rigidity in the face of change. Your business became very successful and for a long time you thought that everything would remain the same and that you would not need to make any innovation. Now you have realized that you were wrong and that if you want your productive activity to continue growing you must modernize it and incorporate new technologies.

In the labor field the natives of this sign will live a week of many conflicts. The relationship with some of your co-workers has never been very good, however in recent weeks it has become unbearable. They hate you, and in order to annoy you they will send malicious gossip about you. Do not react aggressively because that is precisely what they expect. Act as if those companions did not exist and that will stop them from bothering you.

In the spiritual and personal growth area, the people of this sign will live a week in which they will make unexpected trips. During the next few days, a well-sponsored cycle for leisure and pleasure trips will begin for the people of this sign.
Color of the week: Green.
Numbers of Luck: 2, 9, 20, 30, 31, 35.
Best day of the week: Saturday.
Better compatibility: Cancer.