Leo Weekly Horoscope 31st August to 6th September 2020

Leo Weekly Horoscope 31st August to 6th September 2020

Leo (born between July 23 and August 22): On the 31st, Monday, you will have to learn to differentiate your priorities, to know in which direction you are going. You count on your life experience, but you must pay attention to your relationships with others since today they are your weak point.

On the 3rd, Tuesday, the rush will alter your emotional world. With peace of mind, you can do everything in a great way. To avoid misunderstandings, keep your emotional distance. On Wednesday the 2nd, many energies will move around you with vitality and a lot of brightness. You want everything to be harmony, but don’t force it, let it emerge as it is; absorb the present and live each moment.leo weekly horoscope 31st august to 6th september 2020

On Thursday 3rd, your spirit is what will help the environment with family members to be adequate and they can advise you well. If you value yourself correctly, everything will be satisfactory and full. On Friday 4th, you should achieve a consensus between the environment and the goals you are pursuing. If the home flows, it will extend to everything you do. Don’t get caught up in decisions that make you doubt. During the weekend; Saturday is a day to organize common affairs with your partner or close friends and on Sunday you can use your generosity and help a person who needs it.

Don’t be surprised if someone puts you between a rock and a hard place and tells you that they need to talk to you. This week will be conducive to giving explanations and, even, you may feel the need to approach your affective relationships with more sincerity. Take the opportunity to let go of everything you carry in your heart and move serenely towards a better future after giving a good explanation. You will certainly go through a small phase of doubt about your love life.

During these days it will not seem very safe to know where your romantic relationship is taking you. Such a condition is unusual, but it is not at all a danger for the future. Quite the contrary, it is at a time like this that you can make the turning point and often feel even more in love, if possible.

Leo Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

You are firm and this is not to displease those who intend to carry out projects in your company. Decisions are made quickly and you act without hesitation. Your energy is impressive this week and you have no trouble managing it intelligently. No matter what activity you undertake, you are effective.

Your feelings are expressed with grace and generosity, your love life is embellished, fulfilled! You can be proud of your efforts, your sense of dialogue and relational diplomacy pays off. Healthy sensuality could bring you even closer to your other half, tender naps, or scorching nights! Your boss might find you tired of your work, but that’s the price of love!

Your employees are dumbfounded by your titanic energy and your business acumen! The current situation completes this idyllic picture by promoting your communication and by infusing each of your speeches with unifying energy and contagious passion. You are constantly on the alert and be careful not to miss a chance.

This last week of August promises to be constructive if you nurture your enthusiasm and take care of the people involved in your projects. You have the opportunity to defend your values with courage and loyalty to your loved ones. Do not hesitate to take up the challenges that are offered to you, you have every chance of winning.

Money and Luck
This week it is high time to learn to maneuver, you will have to be reasonable and less generous, otherwise, you will not be able to save money. If you are owed money, dare to go claim it, do not hesitate to do it. A great opportunity allows you to recover your money. You spot plans or an opportunity that will protect you from need.

You have to keep your balance. Indeed, you are tempted to explore other dimensions of love and social commitment, but you could lose some strength by expressing your every desire without restraint. Take advantage of the gourmet situation but don’t overstep the line. The sky keeps you more or less on a leash.

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