Leo Weekly Horoscope 3rd September to 9th September 2018

Leo Weekly Horoscope 3rd September to 9th September 2018

You are more confident, more competitive and more bouncy. You assert yourself and your way of communicating is more powerful, more passionate, more combative, you go straight to the point with a lot of frankness and daring. You like the warm atmosphere that colors your intimacy, the world can fall apart, you feel understood and appreciated, even in silence.

You manage to free yourself from too restrictive or unflattering links, you do a great cleaning in all your assets: emotional, professional or material and this sorting puts you in a clearer, more stable situation. In finance as in love or simply in relationships, your links will now be structured and eventually bring tangible and sustainable results.leo weekly horoscope 3rd to 9th september 2018

This week will bring you closer, whether with your own values, with your partner or through a new meeting. If you are single, the chance is on your side, the meetings are powerful in emotion. The pleasures of all kinds that occur in your life can create a dead end to your ambitions. Your sensitivity, which is more acute than usual, may cost you unnecessary suffering, and be measured in your words.

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You will bring creativity to your professional life this week. Mars comes to enhance your potential and bring it energy in the light of external events. The infinite labyrinths of your thoughts, however, are likely to cut you off from everyday reality, be vigilant and think about materializing your ideas, without waiting for someone else to assign them, discretion is necessary.

Money and Luck
Your financial life is going to experience a flurry of luck this week of September 3rd. Financial flows are normalized spontaneously, especially if you want to increase your standard of living, you will have opportunities to truly succeed. Indeed, you will know material facilities for all matters relating to payment terms, cost averaging, but also commercial creations, outcome of lawsuits, etc.

This week’s planetary influences will bring you more punch, more work, which is ideal for chasing psycho somatic ailments of all kinds. But be careful, clumsiness is not far because you are more impulsive too. The impulses of Mars do not favor the muscular feats of background, you will be better however for the efforts of short duration, but intense.