Leo Weekly Horoscope 3rd to 9th August 2020

Leo Weekly Horoscope 3rd to 9th August 2020

On the 3rd, Monday, you want to be reborn again and change. Your initiatives are favored by your sympathy. And thanks to it you will get the attention of others, and achieve dream goals.

On the 4th, if you flow with the environment your issues will be resolved more easily. Your effective form and your experience will help you with everything since you will be very visible to others.leo weekly horoscope 3rd to 9th august 2020

Today Wednesday, 5th, your energetic harmony will help you in your daily questions. And it will accompany you in the initiatives and pending issues of the day.

On Thursday, the 6th you will notice that everyone moves around you and that you are the center of all; since they will come to you, to ask for your support or advice. You will also have very balanced energy that augurs positive and beneficial actions in everything you do.

On Friday the 7th, your vitality, and friendliness will ensure that you do everything with precision. You will have a great power of attraction. And you should finish what you start because you will be lucky in your life.

During the weekend; Saturday is important as you use your experience in family matters and on Sunday you will have to organize all next week, in professional matters.

Leo Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

Competitors will be faster and sellers will sell. Your relational and intellectual life is waking up from a long sleep and you come across a thousand opportunities to express yourself, to learn, or to make interesting meetings. The situations are unlocked, a lot of things go faster, the traffic is more fluid, and the people more responsive.

Whether you are a couple or single, your chances of happiness are insolent! You have the delicacy to communicate with loving your feelings, your emotions, and your sense of sharing rallies loved or seduced people to you. We are looking for your presence, we think of you, we want you and we prove it to you. Smile at life, you fully deserve all the beautiful things that happen in your daily life. You inspire and embody love!

Your professional ascent is no longer declining! This week is yours, you succeed in everything you do, your skills are unanimously recognized, your self-confidence is unwavering. You can get everything if you want, we listen to you because we consider you, at your fair value, in your right place. Your professional life is about to await its strongest radiance, do not sulk your pleasure!

It is an opportunity to grow through your daily life. You will be able to stand out thanks to your go-getter and determined temperament: the climate will be favorable to you and this transit will probably not end without personal success, appreciated risk-taking, or a particularly profitable result.

Money and Luck
Your wildest wishes can come true this week! Do you have enough daring in your pocket to embody them? Your resources are at the top, open your eyes, your life is shining! A luminous aura emerges from you, your financial sector supports your real estate or professional initiatives, you can now make sustainable choices, your comfortable financial base allows you to do so. Hold your breath, the great money-related surprises are coming!

Superb vitality for a wonderful week to come! Indeed, you are overflowing with positive and creative energy, your moods are made of sweetness and harmony, your mind whispers in your ear the melody of happiness! What more could you hope for? Everything smiles at you, your ideas are heard and your desires come true with ease. Life spoils you, you deserve it, make the most of it!

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