Leo Weekly Horoscope 4th to 10th May 2020

Leo Weekly Horoscope 4th to 10th May 2020

In the relationship field, tensions cause trouble and create some gnashing of teeth with those around you who will find it difficult to accept your behavior.

You are stressed and can’t stand having decisions made for you. You show great individualism which will not necessarily be perceived by a good eye.leo weekly horoscope 4th to 10th may 2020

No more fooling around and dreaming of exotic adventures. You are suddenly faced with tensions, rivalry, jealousy, which exasperate you. Above all, don’t let your professional life intrude on your love journey because you will bite your fingers. The stresses at work could generate strong stress prejudicial to your relationship.

You will feel scrutinized all week at your work, your smallest actions and gestures passed under the microscope, do not take umbrage! On the contrary, know how to put into perspective what can be, do not interpret all events or behaviors as focused on you and against you. Try to continue to work conscientiously and efficiently even if at the moment you are invited to give and not to receive. Patience.

Your main challenge is to put water in your wine, not to commit completely reckless acts, and to control your nervousness. Because, if you are not careful, you could quickly become disillusioned, create a vacuum around you and create some emotional suffering for yourself.

Money and Luck
If you want to go too fast you could burn your wings. If you wish to concretize a professional project, take all the possible information before launching yourself, find solid supports, it is not enough to want but especially to be able to financially assume the loads in the long term. Present your financing plan to your banker, listen carefully to their recommendations, then make your decision. Do not be discouraged.

Heaven is giving you some respite. Suddenly relieved of the stresses that weighed on your morale and impaired your physical resources, you can relax. But be careful because this sky invites you to rest and not to expose yourself too much. Now is not the time to do too much or try the impossible. You really can’t afford it.
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