Leo Weekly Horoscope 5th to 11th November 2018

Leo Weekly Horoscope 5th to 11th November 2018

Venus enters a friendly and protective sign. You benefit from the fruits of your efforts and the positive evolution of your projects. Your past initiatives and decisions are rewarded. Your instinct has dictated changes in your life, it’s time to do the accounts. Your sentimental life blossoms in a beautiful shared sensuality.

Everything will be played, this week of November 5, on impressions, unspoken and intuition, leave your arguments in the cloakroom and make a poetic pause, refreshing before heading back to new adventures. On the financial side, enjoy real moments of luck without squandering your savings. Buy a scratch ticket, do not invest your pay at the play.

Do not hesitate to say even the things that all too often seem ridiculous to you, speak without putting value judgments on what you feel. The effects of Venus will push you towards more complicity, but it will seem to you therefore, paradoxically more difficult to talk about the most intimate things. You will live under circumstances that will allow you to revise your conceptions of philosophy of life. Indeed, you will want to structure them more precisely as well as to question them.

You will willingly give more disinterested efforts than usual, which will earn the sympathy of your superiors. You still tend to do too much and encroach hard on roles that do not come back to you. Be careful not to create conflicts in this way, without realizing it. The influx of Pluto pushes you to consider your professional life in the very long term. If you flee this natural tendency, you will not be satisfied. Moving forward is the best thing you can do this week.

Money and Luck
Your material life is slowing down in its exchanges, at the beginning of the week. You will be able to see more clearly in your strategies thanks to this and to finish at the end of the week. It is only in this area that you can be very cold-blooded. You will instinctively go the distance and stick to a lifestyle in which you will pay for your expenses without spending too much money.

A need for rest in sleep will be felt more strongly than usual this week. You’re renovating your life, you’re thinking a lot about the best ways to do that, and that’s going to be a lot of energy. That you regenerate the best through sleep, but also through recreation that bring you escape. Your metabolism is stable, apart from a certain fragility in the bone. The influx of Venus exposes you at the end of the week to sensual excesses.

By Mary Emma

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