Leo Weekly Horoscope 5th to 11th October 2020

Leo Weekly Horoscope 5th to 11th October 2020

Leo (born between July 23 and August 22): On Monday 5th, your state will be enthusiastic and harmonious, and it will help you solve initiatives that you had started a long time ago and that you must solve. Your feelings drive your actions. On Tuesday 6th, your vitality will help you shape those plans that you left paralyzed long ago. And you will also have friends who will accompany you on the adventure.

On Wednesday the 7th, you are in a positive moment in which you can help a lot of your relatives; and reach agreements in friendly meetings. You will feel sparkling like bubbles in a glass. On Thursday 8th, make sure not to overlook the details in your achievements. Since you have no middle ground and you need to let everything go at its own pace and flourish, little by little.leo weekly horoscope 5th to 11th october 2020

On Friday the 9th, you could take the opportunity to have a friendly meeting with close friends. And make it a great fun game. Maybe at night you also want a romantic evening. On Saturday the 10th, your sensitivity will help you in the innovation of your creations. Your tension and speed will help you achieve it faster. This will make you rethink projecting all your ideas in this same sense. And on Sunday you must learn from every step you take. And that you use your wisdom because it is your best tool.

Leo Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

The square of Uranus does not go unnoticed this week. In other words, you are living powerful and intense moments with those close to you. You need to get away from everyday life to take a step back and not get carried away too quickly in changes that are irremediable or that you did not necessarily want.

There are plenty of opportunities to get you excited. You just have to choose who you want to seduce. As a couple, you take advantage of the situation to rekindle the flame and strengthen your bonds with eternal oaths and sensual effusions. No doubt you feel these good vibes and take the opportunity to warm your heart in good company.

Your ingenious ideas and innovative plans are successful, and you gain the approval of your peers. It’s time to grab the palm! You score points and can have a very promising project ratified … You are busy studying your financial situation, going through your accounts, investing your money, or finalizing an investment with lucidity.

Uranus is not making you particularly diplomatic this week. Add to this your desire to take off your habits, to remove your shackles to take off. You have trouble controlling yourself so make sure you prioritize your projects and not cause too much collateral damage to your initiatives …

Money and Luck
Stop waste! Whether it is food or in another form, go around your house, sort out all the things that you no longer need, even if it means selling certain items at low prices, this allows you to clear your mind and go home some money in your purse. Lighten your mind while making money, it’s an idea to be taken seriously.

New activities allow you to overcome boredom and have better morale, quickly they will become essential to your well-being and your development. If currently, you have to force your hand, once you are in the bath, everything is better. Follow your friends, sport or shopping, whatever you need to getaway. You can count on friendly relations, the exchanges are pleasant and serene.

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