Leo Weekly Horoscope From 6 to 12 March 2017

Leo Weekly Horoscope 6 to 12 March 2017

Work: Failures usually appear before the insistence on their own ideals, on the stubbornness of a certain path, without being flexible to go shortcuts, alternate roads or change courses, always learning something new during the journey that is life.

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Good time to encourage contacts with peers or people of lower hierarchy, trust your instincts and be sensible with your words. It reaches its highest intellectual and labor productivity as long as it keeps its head cold and does not generate or support discussions at home. Good business. When it tries to work against the Universe its luck changes and begins to receive what it sows: immobility, stagnation, failure, fear … Ideal period to make adjustments delayed. Project, you will not regret it.

Love: The love relationship is well expected, both to start a new and to consolidate the couple, take this time to get closer to your loved one. There is often the need for self-examination to face a truth that escapes, does not want to see, and it is inescapable to befriend reality because you can not live successfully in self-deception … In constant couples, Achieve their greater understanding only in the sexual plane. Words will be replaced by caresses and pampering. It will tend to dissent with people whom you consider as teachers and should be restrained in order not to generate fights that do not find an immediate solution …

Health: It is healthy and very praiseworthy to live to love … The great healing power of laughter is highly known, demonstrable and very rewarding. During the whole week you will be at risk of getting sick due to changes in climate, you should be more prudent with your health and wear a coat when you go out, consume more vitamin C and strengthen your defenses by spending little, it is the key to getting ahead and not losing More time in the next week … You have to choose a good professional, to start a good therapy … Try to be healthier in your meals and activities. Take care of your health.

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