Leo Weekly Horoscope 6th August to 12th August 2018

Leo Weekly Horoscope 6th August to 12th August 2018

Venus sextile goes, for a few weeks, magnify your emotional circle with the possibility of finding a partner in love if you are single. It is from this same friendly sphere that lucrative financial opportunities or business will come. It is a moment rich in sensations, unsaid and intuitions.

You enter through the great door in a period of stabilization of your emotional life. This transit dope your love ideals and gives them scope. The prevailing entrepreneurial spirit is a great opportunity to get together, to start a home or start your own lucrative business.leo weekly horoscope 6 august to 12 august 2018

This week will be extremely rich for you in your sentimental life, you will be energized by your own convictions, you are pushed to act according to them first. Your relations with the others are more direct and authentic, you will not want to waste time in futile and superficial relations. Your grip on external circumstances is gaining strength, as well as your impact. Hopefully, you will not do too much, keep it flexible.

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You will have the energy to start new functions, to see your projects sprout. Your support within your team will be appreciated, recognition is in sight. If you have a profession related to research, you will have the chance with you. Efforts will cost you less than these last two weeks. Opportunities of elevation are present, your experience will be the essential keystone to access these changes.

Money and Luck
You will be positively inspired in your professional life, this week of August 6th. Indeed, errors are obvious to you, but especially those of others. If you manage a team, you will have no trouble finding the weakest link, or the actions that have made you waste time this winter. It is the intellectual work which is most favored to you; the influxes of Mars bring you restrictions for all that is manual; bad weather, technical problems will make you slow down.

This week’s planetary influxes will propel your vitality to new heights. Indeed, the transit of Mars should wake up your metabolism towards more movement, diversity. Overexertion trends appear at the end of the week, you will need to get away from the bustle that will prevail and relax in the quiet, away from the noise. Do not be overwhelmed by each other’s lives!