Leo Weekly Horoscope 6th July to 12th July 2020

Leo Weekly Horoscope 6th July to 12th July 2020

You are more confident, more competitive, and full of energy. You assert yourself and your way of communicating is more powerful, more passionate, more combative, you get straight to the point with a lot of frankness and daring. You like the warm atmosphere that colors your privacy, the world can fall apart, you feel understood and appreciated, even in silence.

You are encouraged to be more reserved, to step back, to reflect. You feel that something is changing and you need to take a closer look at your situation before deciding which path to take. Reflection takes precedence over action! You come across opportunities to show off or express your feelings. Your partner is rather favorable to this attitude.leo weekly horoscope 6th to 12th july 2020

You make a point of honing your work this week of July 6. Whether you are looking to get ahead of your projects or take responsibility for past failures, you are moving forward efficiently. Your natural pride pushes you to do well, to gain in efficiency, which for many of you will be a call of destiny to perfect your knowledge.

You manage to free yourself from too restrictive or not very fulfilling links, you make a big cleaning in all your assets: emotional, professional, or material and this sorting puts you in a clearer, more stable situation. In finance as in love or simply in relationships, your links will now be structured and will bring tangible and lasting results over time.

Money and Luck
You are concerned about your finances and your ability to generate money. You are skillful in negotiations and don’t let go of the shadow. Your business acumen allows you to develop your bank account and you restore order by communicating rather than by imposing your law.

To preserve your precious balance and endure daily work, offer yourself as often as possible recreational breaks where, far from the routine and its requirements, you will rejuvenate and taste the joys of existence. If you react in revolt, you will needlessly waste your last reserves and you will find yourself in a dead-end.

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