Leo Weekly Horoscope 6th November to 12th November 2017

Leo Weekly Horoscope 6th November to 12th November 2017

Mercury puts the mood in your loves! These light, seductive and cheerful energies will inject the missing element so that your love life is pleasant. Mercury foreshadows happy moments, beautiful encounters, pleasures, entertainment and also travel prospects. It fills you with unexpected benefits. So, enjoy it without restriction and without any state of mind!

Mars serves you! You affirm your opinions and choices with strategy and stubbornness. In all areas of your life, your decisions are decided and final. These energies encourage you to be logical and discerning about a relationship, a person, an encounter. In this state of mind, your loves will regain the understanding you need to feel good. However, as soon as it is necessary, leave your reserve and express your feelings. This will avoid unspoken issues that will resurface sometime.leo weekly horoscope 6th to 12th novermber 2017

Leo Love
This is an additional cap that will be crossed this week of November 6, in your personal vision of your intimate life. Despite tense moments with your partner, you will learn the essential lessons, which will make you move forward in better conditions. Your clean and direct attitude will be the basis of the good health of your loves and encourages your partner to reveal more. The impulses of Venus give you verbal fluency, very useful and especially if you are single. Love is knocking on your door this week. Venus makes you look sweet, you want to let yourself be seduced. Your family and friends are also more relaxed. Everything is fine in the best of all worlds!

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Leo Job
Your natural helpfulness will be the source of your greatest success this week in your professional life. Let those who can not do the same say, and quietly continue your journey by listening to your instinct. Even if you have to face additional delays, delays of all kinds, it does not compromise your projects. This week will be very active and will give you an essential pleasure, you feel useful.

Leo Money
You’ll get the hard work done this week, and your contacts will be more needed than ever to support you in your evolution. Business affairs are particularly well presented during the first three days of the week, rely on the relationship to evolve. The aspects of Mercury will help you considerably to find chords even in the most uncomfortable and complex situations.

Leo Health
Your well-being extends, in the sense of a stronger inner balance. Indeed, the influx of Mars will boost your metabolism. You will be in the ideal period to externalize your talents, your potentialities. It is through the muscular expenditure that you will find the best source of well-being body. Advancing your projects will be a source of inner peace. Your greed is in inflation this week, be reasonable as much as possible to mitigate these trends.