Leo Weekly Horoscope 8th to 14th March 2021

The opposition of Jupiter is often experienced as the impossibility of connecting two notions. This transit makes you aware of the mismatch between your desires and reality. You’re unlucky, the attention or power you are given is not up to your merits. You accuse the whole world of being unfair when it is you who lack rigor.

This could be a difficult week, so be careful in several aspects, especially in health and work. Don’t let your guard down regarding the pandemic because you could pay dearly for overconfidence. Take care of money, it is not easy to earn it, but very easy to spend it. Learn to manage yourself in the best way to have healthier finances.leo weekly horoscope 8th to 14th march 2021

Leo This Week Horoscope 8th to 14th March 2021

You rely on what you have learned, except that it is in your interest to modify your behavior before a thunderstorm taints your love affairs. Reinvent yourself, give some people a new chance, loyalty and loyalty are the keywords this week. Enjoy life by living your loves intensely, let go, you don’t have to be embarrassed. In the middle of the week, it’s a seductive day to plan: there is love in the air.

You will feel scrutinized, watched at your work all this week. Do you have attitudes that justify mistrust or is it your personality that surprises or interests you? Either way, don’t make it a problem, just keep working as if nothing happened, you are not responsible for the behavior of others. Stay focused, focused, practice letting go and this professional week will pass much faster!

Postpone important decisions because your optimism can lead you to error and you also risk being cheated or betrayed, for lack of discernment. Your bad faith and whims can affect your diet, pushing you to excess and causing nausea, weight gain, or liver problems.

Money and Luck
Opportunities will arise. Some will be rewarding but others will be much less so. Therefore, the evolution of your finances lies in your ability to sort the wheat from the chaff. Alas, your judgment is not very reliable because it is influenced by people. This week of March 8, you will have to take your courage in both hands and show yourself implacable towards those who make you promises.

Small health concerns may weaken you at the start of the week. It’s been a long time since you’ve felt this weak, only rest will allow you to recover. If you work, call your boss to warn him of your absence, by wanting at all costs to honor your professional activities, you are putting your health at risk.

Leo Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

Leo (born between July 23 and August 22): On Monday 8th, you can feel great because fortune will smile on you in what you start during this day. Your optimism, your confidence, and your inspiration will help you in everything.

On Tuesday the 9th, it is important that you balance your form of emotional response, and you will also have to face economic issues that it is important to leave settled once and for all. On Wednesday the 10th, today you have a lot of light and a lot of openness of consciousness that will tell you what to do in each case that arises. You also have a lot of stability and jovial dexterity to face it all.

On Thursday 11th, it will be a day for you to talk to others with all your experience and your knowledge because the way to show yourself will be open and very friendly. And that will attract others to you. This will create a very conducive atmosphere to carry out your plans and have everything in hand at the moment. On Friday the 12th, your great interior, and spiritual light will attract others, who will be able to project it from your great intensity, and thus you will see all the power that you possess in your Spirit.

On Saturday the 13th, on this day you will have to jump blindly following your instinct to be able to lay the foundations in your life in a definitive way. You will notice that everything is going great when you do it like this. And Sunday 14th is a day to think about how to reach agreements firmly and directly, without detours. So get everything ready for next week.

In August of last year, you started a new project or relationship that was intended to help you manifest a new moment where you could expand your talents, your values, your possessions, and even your self-esteem …

And the full moon of March 8 closes the process, bringing the harvest of those efforts. Here the seeds that you planted six months ago flourish and that can give you both growth and an end-around your professional career or a project or work relationship that you consider a long-term investment.

The week is also for you to communicate a position or a final decision regarding a couple of issues that resurfaced last week. If your ex or someone who came with the intention of a second-round or to solve something pending appeared these days, the time to address this issue is now.

Starting this week, March becomes a month that can catapult you to success, which will give you an important opportunity to advance your plans. But be careful, because this opportunity will also require more responsibility and commitment to flourish.

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