Leo Weekly Horoscope 9th July to 15th July 2018

Leo Weekly Horoscope 9th July to 15th July 2018

Mercury reactivates your natural talents of communication, sense of contact, practical sense. You will find many opportunities to be heard but external circumstances push you to speak too fast. This paradox comes from an increase in your mental activity. Mercury influences favor your creativity if you do not give in to impatience.

The transit of Mercury will, this week of July 9, give you room for more exchanges in the various areas of your life. You will live in a feeling of creativity, the novelty but also impatient bursts. Do not be too formal in your discussions, give your interlocutors time to think before you answer.leo weekly horoscope 9th july to 15th july 2018

Passion and seduction enter your life through the front door this week. Many of you will begin a new change or prepare for the future. The planetary impulses that reign in your sky will awaken in you a need for love intensity, that you can reconcile with the balance, at the same time. If you were in a complex situation in this area, you will spontaneously seek to simplify the data by moving towards the essential. Chasing illusions becomes easier and smoother.

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You will live under circumstances that will facilitate the foundations of solid projects this week. On the other hand, it will be necessary to accept certain risks and a certain unknown to achieve them. Your realism will be well adapted to the obstacles you encounter. These are not more important, but your immediate action will bring luck.

Money and Luck
You will feel more financial ease, especially at the end of the week. And at the same time, more people around you who will not hesitate to call on you. Do not give in to thoughtless impulses on Wednesday and Thursday. The family and the business will be the best sources of cash flow this week. Tidying up your administrative situation will give you financial gains.

The aspects of Mars and Venus will grant you a very honorable energy this week. Your metabolism tends to be more balanced, although you are not encouraged to make violent efforts. And you will be right not to do it. This week is very positive if you are recovering from an illness or a bout of weakness due to deficiencies, recovery is easier.