Leo Weekly Horoscope April 20th to 26th 2020

Leo Weekly Horoscope April 20th to 26th 2020

Your optimism is a little cooled by Saturn, this week of April 20. You do not tolerate delays, you tend to close in on yourself or to respond quickly to the slightest annoyance.

Also at work, you have some difficulty supporting authority and you may have problems with your hierarchy.leo weekly horoscope april 20th to 26th 2020

Harmony can only take place at the cost of a complete deductible and a greater openness on your part, this week. This change in attitude will encourage your partner to do the same. If you are currently in a relationship, your half and you must open a sincere and tolerant dialogue, to eliminate the existing tensions, even if they are underground. If you are single, be selective during your virtual meetings. You mainly attract dominating people.

COUPLES: With the help of Uranus, your marital relationships are improving considerably these days. This improvement will be due to a renewed spontaneous affection between you and your spouse or partner.

SINGLE PEOPLE: What opportunities for dating and romantic adventures this week! You will no longer know where to turn and will be spoiled for choice. All the pretexts will be good to become Don Juan or Messaline. In short, the period will be very good for cruising, for love and, why not, for marriage too.

The sky weighs on your daily life by increasing your workload and imposing increasingly heavy responsibilities on you. But you are not in the mood to let yourself go. You do not give in to discouragement and supported by exceptional energy, you manage to manage your work with panache and courage!

You quickly feel frustrated, impatient. Be aware of this attitude and remain objective in your assessment of situations. Choose your battles with care and defend yourself only when necessary. Avoid any impulsive action. You can channel this powerful energy by focusing on a specific goal. The general planetary trend seems very favorable to work and career. Previously designed businesses may take an increasingly profitable turn for you. The main thing will be, for the moment, to show more initiative, to transform the current good current into total and definitive success.

Money and Luck
An astral conjuncture pushes you to make decisions that commit you financially. If you do not think before, they will lead you into an inextricable situation. The expenses will be more important. So if you don’t want to have problems in a while, put things flat. Although this requires you to make an effort, be very demanding and set limits not to be exceeded.

Money should flow to you from all sides. It will, therefore, be the moment or never to carry out operations or investments. But beware all the same: it would be catastrophic to let yourself go to exaggerated and futile expenses, even if you are momentarily more comfortable.

Discussions of money, negotiations and your absolute desire to make an impression on those around you could ultimately undermine your morale. So be sure to spare your energy. You will hardly hold up, but by dint of mental and physical restlessness, you are likely to exhaust yourself and give in to stress.

The astral climate with a strong Jupiterian dominance will be positive on the physical plane insofar as it increases vitality. The fact could have repercussions on the psychological level, by implying a moral in marked increase and a tendency to optimism, beneficial tendency that you do not always have.
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