Leo Weekly Horoscope: February 10th to 16th, 2020

Leo Weekly Horoscope: February 10th to 16th, 2020

It is a good time to consolidate your affections. You have time to devote to your love life and your passionate demonstrations give you the presence of the people you prefer.

You need the esteem of others to feel loved and those around you bring you all the satisfactions you need this week of February 10. You are overflowing enthusiasm and confidence. Naturally, those around you respond kindly. Your smile is contagious, and throughout the day people laugh and tell jokes with you.leo weekly horoscope february 10th to 16th, 2020

Anything you do today will work out perfectly, although the group effort will surely be more rewarding. Romance will be very important at night, so take advantage of it!

You seduce those around you and you have no equal to enthrall your potential admirers and get your messages across smoothly. The sky exalts your speeches and accentuates a magnetism that captures the attention of those whom you seek to fascinate. You thus have the charm to try your luck successfully, to dare to assert yourself and communicate freely.

You live 100 hours an hour on all terrains and even if the business is filling you up, you have to think about the future and make sure you keep your strength for later. You no longer know where to turn? There is no reason to lose it and waste your chances. Avoid doing too much and get carried away in case of resistance from the opposing party.

Take advantage of this week to take care of yourself. You can achieve the well-being you seek if you let it happen and accept what others have to offer. You can create a relaxed and reassuring atmosphere by your mere presence, so be natural and welcoming with everyone you meet.

Money and Luck
Top financial health. Accounts in net increase, you can indulge yourself in some small follies. It will not take you very long to consult your bank statement and understand that this week is the week of all desires. Shopping, dining and going out, you won’t deny yourself anything. Consider investing even with a small investment, it could pay off afterward.

You have inexhaustible strengths to carry out your magnificent businesses. Be careful not to get carried away too much but you can devote yourself without voluptuousness and pleasure to making this week particularly favorable for your expansion, a gourmet and unforgettable moment that you will enjoy in good company.

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During this week the stars sometimes push you to surrender or not knowing how to act in the face of the most demanding moments.

On Monday, love transports you without asking you for authorization, you can’t resist for a long time and you just let yourself go.

On Tuesday, you try to give your best to the greatest number of people.

On Wednesday, it is very difficult for you to find something that interests you, you should try a little if you do not want the day to be endless.

On Thursday you are so focused on what you have to do that there is no way to get distracted or make you think about other issues.

On Friday, it seems to you that things are going very slow and you demand all those around you to accelerate the pace.

Saturday will be a day when you will have to fix many problems and this will prevent you from enjoying it as you would like.

On Sunday your sky forces you to take a somewhat severe position against the relaxed attitude over some.

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